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Pro-China Supporters’ False Logic and Claims

I found it amusing that pro-China elements in Taiwan always protests and appeals with the most basic human material desires, and always assume that their opposed  activities will interfere with the supply of those basic necessity.

From China’s official propaganda machine, Xinhua

“No Dalai Lama — Only food and beds wanted” and “(He) only talks — no fund-raising”, said banners Monday displayed by Taiwan’s ethnic groups’ typhoon-hit victims outside the hotel where the Dalai Lama was staying in Kaohsiung City.

I am not saying that basic human material desires are not important.  They are.  However, the view that human only cares about food etc makes human lower than animals.  Any animals, other than food, still want friendship (ex. dog) and freedom (wild birds) etc.  Depriving them of those make them unhappy. 

Plus, there is no logic behind the claim that Dalai Lama visits or other activity disliked by those pro-China people is going to stop the supply of foods and beds.  Many people are still working hard to bring about those needs to the typhoon victims, with or without Dalai Lama visits.  Plus, Dalai Lama visits might actually bring more attention and help from the international community due to his popularity and good reputation.  By just showing up, he helps Taiwan out greatly.

And as we all know, despite what those pro-China people tend to think, a lot of time people need more than just foods and beds.  This false claims from pro-China people  is basically the same line from Ma’s election campaign – “take care of stomach” and its related goodies.  Basically what they are claiming is in order to take care of the economy, every other activities have to be suspended.  One wonders why they never think that economic, culture, political, scientific, education, and even national defense progresses can actually go in parallel, and in fact, can compliment each others?


A Long Time Ago…

Because of the recent Marokat disaster and the initiation of reconstruction plan, some return their attention to another incomprehensible action of Ma…that lasted 10 years.

Probably not enough of people paid enough attention to the 東星大樓 victims’ situation, otherwise Ma would never been elected as president (or he would have gotten much less votes).  The worst and weirdest thing Ma and his city government did is going to the court with those victims…and actually going all the way up (the victims won many cases in the court, but the City government appeals to the higher courts).  Eventually the victims settled with the government, but as stated by Ms. 簡余晏 in the article, it is mostly just because many victims are tired of it and cannot go on fighting with the government in the court.

It is worth noting that in all the reconstructions for 921 Earth Quakes, this building is the last to be finished.

An interesting comparison can also be found here.  During 921 Earth Quakes, in greater Taipei area, 3 condo got destroyed: 東星, 龍閣 and 博士的家. 東星 is in Taipei City, under KMT Ma, while 龍閣 and 博士的家 is in Taipei County, under DPP Hsu(蘇貞昌). 龍閣 took 3 years. 博士的家 took 5 years due to its larger construct, but 東星 took 10 years, even though comparatively it is smaller.

Granted, there are a lot of issues contributing to 東星’s slow reconstruction, but a lot of them come from Taipei City’s lack of initiative to help in the first place.  Moreoever, Taipei City actually adds and creates more trouble for the victims…Hmm…and that mayor of Taipei City is now the president…WOW.

Taiwan Advances in Little League

🙂 I guess this is a good news:  Kuei-Shan team advances to World Series.

I like their uniform colors.

Democracy Is the Mean, Not the End

Some of the recent events in Taiwan, including this editorial by Taipei Times created some random thoughts in my head….They make me wonder…perhaps it is really true that “democracy is the mean, not the end.”  Democracy is the best, and probably the only mean for Taiwan to continuously improve itself to achieve the ends.  However, some people I think has mistaken the mean as the end.

I would say the democratic transformation in Taiwan is a remarkable achievement of course, but it is only to establish a mean.  Already, this mean has allowed Taiwan to achieve some of the ends.  For example, Taiwan now enjoy great freedom of expressions.  On the other hands, a lot of ends Taiwan still is not able to achieve.  For example, Taiwan still does not have a proper Constitution that suits Taiwan’s situation.  Another example is that a single group or party (the KMT) still holds too much arbitrary influence in the court (just look at how they switch the judge for ex-President Chen’s case).  There are a lot of other possible examples, but I don’t think it is necessary to list them all out.

I think because of some people mistaken democracy as an end, they have some wrong mentality that could be potentially dangerous for Taiwan.  Already, some effect can be seen: in terms of democracy and liberty, Taiwan is actually going backward because of KMT and Ma’s behavior.  Two of the wrong mentality and statements that I have heard:

  • Well, now it is democratic, it does not matter who we elect, the system will take care of itself: I heard this statement or similar statement quite a few times before.  This is simply not right, especially in Taiwan’s case.  For more mature democratic government, where systems have been well established, there might be more room to make this argument.  However, even in that situation, this statement is questionable.  To counter this argument, simply think, if it truly does not matter, then maybe it will not make a difference if Taiwan  elected Chinese President’s Hu’s brother/sister as the president.  The other problem with this statement is again, democracy is only the mean, and by using it (voting), we are supposed to achieve ends.  Therefore, we should elect those that can help to achieve those ends.  Of course, the citizens have to study to know at least if the candidate is bullshitting (like the pure bullshit of Ma during election.  They sound like very good goals, but if one really pays attention one realizes he is really bullshitting.  Plus his past record can only be described by one word: sucks.  Not to mention…he still does not prove that he has no green card…seriously, what the heck…).
  • Now Taiwan is Democratic, there is nothing more to improve in politics. Everything will just go on auto pilot and improve itself: This I think is not totally correct.  Taiwan has so much left over baggage from the KMT martial law era, it is not hard to understand the democratic system is fragile and can fall apart.  In other words, without establishing the other “ends” in the process, the mean might destroy itself.  Historically it is not uncommon that democratic system falls apart…and I think partially it might be due to this mentality that democracy is the end of the road, and the leaders of society forgot to use the democratic system to improve their citizens’ liberty and prosperity…or a lot of times, they allow a group of people to use the system in the wrong way and destroy democratic system itself and freedom at the same time.

Whose Idiotic Idea Was this?

Hmm…I don’t know…this just sounds so stupid.  I wonder whose idea is it to borrow communication vehicles from China.  Isn’t one of Taiwan’s main industry IT?  And Taiwan has to borrow military communication cars from China?  And at this late stage?  Even disregarding the Taiwan military experts’ concern of information leak as mentioned in the report, it still sounds very stupid.

Just another example of Ma government falling completely into China.

Dalai Lama Coming To Taiwan

CNN Report.

Dalai Lama is finally allowed into Taiwan by Ma.  As suspected by most, this time it is really hard for Ma to deny Dalai Lama visits.  And as usual, China denounces it. (China denounces every Dalai Lama visit…as usual) 

My suspicion, as always, is that this is actually not Ma’s decision, but China’s.  Ma, with the events of the past year, more than ever looks like a small pawn of Beijing.  However, because Ma is losing significant popularity in Taiwan, China is in danger of losing this pawn if they tell Ma to disallow Dalai Lama’s visit.  As there is no replacement yet, they have to save this pawn for now.  Refusing Dalai Lama’s visit would be the dumbest political move, as the simple refusal could destroy entirely one of  its pawns that occupy the highly strategic locations.

If we look at the reports of China’s denouncement, it is obvious that China and Ma had some sort of agreement and understanding. (By the way those western media still don’t get the history of Taiwan, or even of Tibet, right…man…I know people are lazy, and like to use copy and paste functions.  But they got paid, so at least they can be professional instead of spreading craps through the Internet.)

It is a good move by DPP to invite Dalai Lama.  His holiness is a long time friend of Taiwan, and this is probably the only chance that he can be allowed by Ma to visit Taiwan.  His spiritual guidance would be helpful and welcomed in this dark time, I am sure.


Unbelievable…this time it is 北纜.  The construction has been suspended because of the the foundation rock formation is not even suitable for construction…It is also suspected that Taipei City government, under Ma, has ignore the environment assessment and initiated the construction illegally…Will keep track of further development.  (Man…just exactly how many things did Ma mess up?  That is a lot of tax payers’ money wasted…)

Abstract depiction of how Taipei citizens could be feeling now

Abstract depiction of my reaction.

Some Interesting Development…(UPDATE)

Some interesting news…

Dalai Lama Accepted DPP Invitation.

It is rather sad to see those KMT legislators reacted in such ways.

Some bloggers also offer their opinions on this:

Another interesting one: Aboriginal Activists Decry Morakot Reconstruction Bill

Michael Turton discussed the issue from the perspective of Shock Doctrine and related the similarity to what Ma did during economic crisis.

To me it looks like Ma is becoming more and more like a dictator (or rather, he is revealing more and more of his dictator nature.)  This reconstruction bill lacks any sort of oversight and consultation with local government or aboriginals…just does not make sense.

Will wait and see the further development of these events…

UPDATE: Also, an interesting post on the aboriginal opposition to reconstruction plan by David.

Water Management And Its Relationship to Attitude (UPDATE)

Claudia Jean has a nice summary of the DPP water management proposal, and how KMT messed it up. Reading it, a lot of memory during that time flush back to me.  A lot more people need to be reminded or informed on how messed things up and smeared DPP.  Frank Hsieh, in particular, was attacked consistently by KMT and pan blue media, probably because he was the presidential candidate and thus enemy #2 of KMT (#1 being ex-President Chen).  However, if we really look at the record, Mr. Hsieh seems to be the one that manages water much better than KMT could ever do.

I also heard about his rivers and flood management proposal for Taipei City.  It is quite impressive, and it covers both environmental and economical aspect at the same time.

I think it is not because Mr. Hsieh has some sort of secret knowledge.  He probably consulted with different people and experts to formulate those proposal.  But why he could do it, but KMT cannot?  Once again I think it is a matter of attitude.

The KMT mentality treated China as their homeland.  First, they treated Taiwan only as a temporary base, and then when there are environmental problems, they just say something like “this problems exist just because Taiwan is too small, Taiwan lacks resources, Taiwan is…”  Basically just a series of complaints about Taiwan’s environment, because all they think about is China’s “middle earth,” where there are great lands and rivers etc.  Therefore, they don’t see the good side of Taiwan and never understand Taiwan’s environment.  (A simple example that demonstrates this point is the carts of Maokong Gondola.  Fully sealed, no air flow and therefore extremely hot during summer.  The cart purchased from France was design for cold climate, not for Taiwan.  The lack of understanding about Taiwan’s environmental conditions cannot be more apparent.)

Pan green focus on Taiwan and therefore understand more about Taiwan’s environment and how to treat it with respect.  Also, because of their understanding and focus, they remain positive instead of complaining about Taiwan’s natural limitations.  Therefore they believe that it is possible to make Taiwan better.

Pan blue always use 意識型態 (just realize…there is no translation of this to English,…who the heck invented this term) as a negative term, and use 故八肚 as a positive term.  I can only say they are a bunch of fools, because ultimately, 意識型態 determines the attitude, and attitude determines everything else, including 故八肚.

UPDATE: As I finished this post, I saw this letter of ex-President Chen to someone named 贊屋.  Some people don’t like Chen, but since he has been a president before, he might offer some good insight.  Coincidentally, he and I share a common opinion:


Basic Traslation: IMO, Ma and Liu’s attitude is the root of the problem in this rise of disaster toll.  It is said that “attitude determines everything, attitude determines fate.”

Funny I said the similar thing in my last paragraph:

attitude determines everything else

I guess quite some people hold similar opinion on this.

It’s Not Over Yet…

As 大話新聞 noted, one big problem worth noting is that the disease might become rampant after the flooding.  Also the clean up process seems to be extremely difficult and slow in some area.  Dead animal corpses and foul water, plus the warm tempterature…It still looks grim indeed. 😦