The Aftermath So Far…

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Right now it seems Taiwan in entering the reconstruction phase…but it looks like Ma did not really learn his lesson and seems to rush in and make some big promises.  Although the immediate healing process is important, but shouldn’t this also be the time that we look at what we can do to prevent a deadly disaster like this?  How could we live more “harmoniously” with nature?  I am not a tree hugger, but this disaster seems to show that we need to respect the nature a lot more.  I am not sure if Ma will make those promises count, but given his past record and his performance during the rescue operations, I am not too optimistic.

In terms of political storms…it is there, but I am not sure what will be the result.  Ma’s reputation suffered greatly, that is for sure, but seriously, in the past, people still voted for him because of his empty promises, even though most people know he is an incompetent person.  Therefore, I am not sure if this will actually turn the tide in DPP’s favor, but I certainly hope so, because my instinct tells me Ma is going to mess up Taiwan big time, worse than the way he messed up Taipei City.

The root of the problem is not just Ma’s incompetence, but his attitude.  Perhaps this person gives us a glimpse of what is really in Ma’s heart.  If it is just incompetence, other government officials might be able to help out, but if it is the attitude, then no one can help.  Therefore, it is also my opinion that even if Ma reshuffle the cabinet, it is useless.  In any case, right now he does not seem to want to do that yet.  Rumor has it though that he might do that next year, we will see.  But IMO it is not going to make much of a difference.


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