lol 莊國榮 The Taiwan Prophet

Well, this is kind of funny lol

Now in the online community of Taiwan, there are many starting to call 莊國榮 a prophet.  When 莊國榮 first said those thing, many people look at him with anger because of what he said during that circumstance. (even pan green supporters).  But now listen to what he said once again, and you will be wondering if he is just one of the more honest man with enough foresight and clearer view of human characters.

That is why when Ma’s empty promises fool 58% of voters, and KMT’s promise of reform and taking full responsibility fool many more, 莊 is able to see through this fog of BS.  lol  I will attempt to translate some of 莊’s “prophecy” into English (unfortunately cannot translate with the full meaning, and therefore might loss some of the “kicks”):


Translation: Ma is actually very incompetent.  He will only kneel (kowtow) before China because of his feebleness.


Translation: If Ma gets elected, then everyone just wait for the oppression.


Translation: The only thing Ma can do is being an actor.  He is a 小孬孬 (No idea how to translate this one, probably just mean “useless man”?).


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  1. […] Hmm…He is not good at being a mayor, he is not good at emergencies, and he is not good at economy, it seems…my conclusion is, perhaps Ma is really good at nothing except acting, just like what “Prophet” 莊 said. […]

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