Ms. Lu’s Long Term Proposal Seems Plausible

In this interview, Ms. Lu (呂秀蓮) explained one of her proposal of rearranging the administrative areas in Taiwan.  The main point of the idea is to put all the mountain area (above 1000 m) into an special administrative territory, and that those mountain area should not have heavy human development, except the aboriginals.  The offshore isle should also be handled similarly.

I am not sure if the proposal is all good, but it seems to be a step in the right direction.  Right now the mountain and off shore isle area are all divided up by different counties.  The problem is the mountain and those small isle are quite different from the plain area where the economic developments are, and should thus be treated differently and with care.  Therefore it make sense to put those area in special administration that puts priorities in environment and preservation, instead of economic and social development.

At the same time, she also proposed, the rest of the area in Taiwan can be divided into less counties etc.  This makes perfect sense as Taiwan is quite small, and obviously after putting the mountain area into the special administration, the rest of the territory can be governed by less counties.  This also reminds me of Hsieh’s “Six Stars” concept.

There will the a lot of opposition to this plan though, as this plan means less constructions etc for those politicians and construction contractors.  But I think this is the right direction that Taiwan needs to take.  In the mid and long run, I think this will bring great benefits to Taiwan in terms of natural disaster prevention, environment, and even tourism (one problem with Taiwan’s tourism is simply over development that obscure the natural beauty, Sun-Moon Lake is the prime example).  For the economic development I can also see the benefits, as the county government can concentrate on what matters more, and also the fund can be spread out more evenly instead of concentrated and wasted in one small place – Taipei City.

One thing this proposal did not cover is probably the rivers.  Taiwan’s river is kind of special – they are short.  It means they can flood and drive up pretty fast.  Mr. Hsieh of DPP and many other specialists seem to have quite some good ideas on how to deal with this though, it is just that they have to be heard.  For example, Hsieh’s proposal of turning Song-Sang airport into central park, and within it construct a lake etc.  The central park can thus act as a buffer when there are excessive water from the river (it does not matter if the park is flooded or not).  Mr. Hsieh’s experience in Kouhsiung city shows that sometimes it is just a matter of turning the head a bit to see a good exit instead of a dead end.  (worth noting that this time Kouhsiung City did not have severe flooding problem, even though it is in the south where the heavy flooding occurs).


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  1. […] This blog is done by Prof. David Petley, a mud slide expert.  Many interesting and insightful information.  I also think it echos Ms. Lu’s call for the special mountain administrative area. […]

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