KMT’s Power Struggle

As pointed out by Mr. Keating’s interesting psychological analysis of KMT, a lot of people probably notice the power struggle within the KMT by now.  As can be seen during the Maroka disaster, even the pan blue media are attacking Ma and premier Liu.  The pan-blue media attack is a obvious sign of power struggle…but what is the reasoning that favor the power struggle instead of just defending Ma no matter what, like what they used to do?  I contribute this phenomenon to these reasons:

Hard Time Covering up the Stink Hole

Ma and Liu really did a lousy job, and there is no way the pan blue media can cover it up.  The best they can to is to blur the matters and tangent off the main root of the problems.  By blocking with arms, they hope the body can be saved.

What is the Body?

So what is this body?  The KMT and their dream of China annexing Taiwan, of course.  Ma’s incompetence will not effect their unification agenda, as long as other KMT leaders can take over.  As rightfully pointed out by Mr. Keating, these leaders include the old guards.  However, I would also argue that among the younger turks of KMT there are possible replacement candidate for Ma.  For example, the current 桃園縣 (Taoyun County) governor 朱立倫 might be one of them.  The main point though is that Ma might not be replaced, but he is replaceable.

An Alternate Conspiracy Theory

By showing Ma’s incompetence, the pan-blue media might actually be trying to strengthen the sense that governing by China is actually a better choice among the deep blue demographic.  This sounds really weird, does it not?  It might not be the case, but certainly I think it is a possible conspiracy theory.  By admitting Ma government’s incompetence, they can argue that because Ma is the best leader Taiwan can come up with, but even he cannot “save” Taiwan.  This must mean that democracy does not work.  We are doomed…unless, unless, of course!  Unless China come and save us all!  Obviously, normal people will not believe this bullshit, especially now China has this lead poison incident again…  But the pan-blue, especially the deep blue, might actually accept this because of their already twisted logic, thanks to KMT’s 50 years of brain wash.

Plausible Explanation of The Unexplainable Refusals

This also can explain partially why Ma government refuse the foreign aid until they cannot deny it anymore due to information leak.  Because to them, how could others come and help us?  The only one that can save us is China!  Wow…I can already hear they say “Oh YES!  China, please come and take me away and fulfill my desire.”  (Yuk, that sounds really like a whore.)  Therefore, when the other friends of Taiwan said “hello! we are still here…”  They actually become a rude awakening of pan-blue and China’s private, intimate, hot and steamy dream moment.  That is why those pan-blue media also turn into anti-American mad dog just because of CNN’s little online poll. (The poll asked if Ma should step down and 82% said yes…)


Therefore, oddly enough, whoever succeed Ma might actually have a easier time to push for annexation, because of the determined support of the deep blue.  However, it is very obvious  that the pan-blue is losing ground and  there are a lot of hope for Taiwan’s future.  A few things:

  • DPP really needs to take this chance, not just for DPP, but for Taiwan as well.  IMO, KMT simply is not good for Taiwan.  Most of their past constructions are in poor quality.  Especially the recent ones in Taipei City are simply total mess.  Their lack of understanding about Taiwan’s environment has created a lot of problems.  Their lack of foresight also holds Taiwan back.  DPP I think has a lot of people that have much better foresight and understanding of Taiwan.  Of course, not every thing they do or say are the best, but at least much better than KMT.  (Some might argue that DPP is bad for economy etc, but that is simply KMT propaganda talking, as many people have pointed out using statistics, common sense observation, economic theory and logic.  Here I would not bother to explain this again).
  • As Mr. Keating pointed out, there are perhaps those in the KMT that are actually pro-Taiwan.  I think it might be true.  However, I will not put high hopes for them unless they can really get rid of the at least 3 chains that control them: thier greed for money, hunger for power and lacking of guts.  It is simply natural for one to love the land they live on, but the problem is: is there enough passion and ability within those politicians to actually accomplish something.  The past experience indicates to me that the KMT has tie them down very well with those 3 chains.  I certainly hope they can break free…but I highly doubt it.
  • The return of the old guards is the worst case scenario, but IMO, probably not much worse than Ma in power.  The truth is Ma and those old guards are the same sh*t.  It does not matter who is in the seat or who is whose puppet, the end result would be approximately the same IMO.  Power, not ideology, is the only reason they have a power struggle between each other.  That been said, there are those Taiwanese that seem to hold a false hope on those old guards.  For example, already there are people wishing James Soong would take over as premier, as Mr. Keating pointed out.  And this false hope is indeed dangerous for Taiwan.  However, I wonder how many people actually like to see those old guards coming back.  Also, because Taiwan has changed so much since their time in power, can those old guards still govern Taiwan without trouble?  Hmm….

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