The Election Should Not be Delayed

In my personal opinion, the end of year election should not be delayed because of typhoon Morakat disaster.

I am saying this not because of calculating concern about the election, but because I feel delaying an election because of some immediate benefits might not be the wisest choice in the long term.  Unless the circumstances really do not allow for an election, election should be held.  This disaster is is devastating…but not to the point that elections cannot be held at the end of the year.

There are some real benefits in delaying this election, but should we delay an election because of some small benefits?  Then later, others might want to delay some elections with some made up “benefits.”  The precedence should not be set.  Because this might become customary, and custom might become tradition…and this type of tradition will have very ill effects on the democratic system.

That is just my opinion…


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