Staying Focused on Ma’s Main Problems

In this report by New York Times, I am quite surprised by the last paragraph:

Chou Chia-cheng, 70, a retired banker who voted for Mr. Ma, said Taiwan’s politicized media and power-hungry opposition were magnifying his missteps. “I’m not sure I’ll vote for Ma again, but we should let the man finish the job,” he said. “The truth is, it rained a lot. I just think Ma got unlucky.”

Of course I think the 70 years old banker is wrong.  It seems like some people still don’t get what exactly is the problem, and some are probably losing focus.  He is right that this is a major disaster that does not happen often, and a lot of tragedies will occurs even if a good rescue operation was performed.  However, the main problem is not the result of the disasters, but Ma’s attitude.  If Ma act with more correct attitude, even if the rescuing results do not turn out well, he would not be blamed so harshly.   However, his attitude is all wrong, and thus responded with such slow speed and did so many things that is just beyond comprehension.  This is a performance that is way below average , not just because the huge rainfall.  What is more?  When people start to question his government’s decision, he and his officials begin to lie, lie and lie.   There is a big difference between defending your decision with facts (or admit your incompetence), and deflecting the blames with lies.

For example, why did he refuse all foreign aids (except China’s) until the official document is leaked to the media?  Why did all the officials act with such casualness when the disaster has became so apparent already?  All these questions and more, Ma and his government cannot answer, and has to cover the problems with layers and layers of lies.  And I suspect perhaps there is no way they can defend those decision, because those decision comes from their wrong attitude, that came from deep within their hearts.  Without changing the attitude, they cannot see their own faults, and thus cannot answer the reasoning behind those incomprehensible decisions and mistakes.

In this section of 大話新聞, there is a comparison of Ma’s actions during earth quake in China last year and his action during this disaster in Taiwan.  Note how swiftly he acted, and how eager he wants to help during China’s earth quake, and look back at what he did this time…you cannot help but wonder, just which country’s president is he?


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