It is Not Just Liu

It looks like for sure Liu won’t step down for now.  There are many speculation as to why, because the public support rating for Liu is extremely low now, and it really does make some sense to let another person to take over.  Also, Premier Liu said it before, if either public, the president or himself disapprove him, then he will step down.  Obviously now the public disapprove of him, but…I guess that is another broken promise.

Some speculate that Ma does not want to let Liu step down because Ma wants to use Liu as a shield.  The public will now direct their anger toward Liu, and forget Ma’s problem.  That is a possibility.  Given that pan-blue media still holds quite some influence, it might actually work.  Regardless of Ma’s reasoning of keeping Liu, my theory is always that it really does not matter if Liu step down or not.

  • Reason 1: it is not just Liu, but the whole team around Ma has problems.  For example, right now people seem to forget another person that should have taken a lot of blame and questioning but haven’t: The Secretary of National Security Council – 蘇起.
  • Reason 2: The root of the problem is actually Ma himself, IMO. As I mentioned before, he has some serious attitude problem, that cannot be fixed in a short period of time unless he swaps his brain.
  • Reason 3: In fact, the whole KMT and pan-blue media has problems.  Seriously, their “god making” tendency has silenced themselves and public from making constructive criticism.  Instead, they become the biggest false advertisement agencies.  Imagine if the owners of a company treat the company’s CEO like a God (and a HANDSOME God, by some people’s peculiar standard)!  Isn’t that dangerous?

IMO, people cannot just focus on Premier Liu or any one particular minister etc.  The mistakes are wide and abnormal. They indicate some serious problems exist within KMT and Ma government.


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  1. David on Formosa on

    I would say Ma’s reasons for not replacing Liu are either (a) nobody else wants the job or (b) Ma is afraid that if he appoints someone else they may not be loyal and will undermine Ma’s power within the KMT.

    Premier is a pretty thankless job because you have to actually be accountable for your actions. The President can do almost anything they like and only have to be accountable to the people once every four years in an election.

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