The Empire Strikes Back???

Now the pan blue media and KMT starts to initiate a media counter attack.  A shifting focus and smearing campaign follows.

One is DPP Chairwoman Ms. Tsai went to live in a 5 stars hotel during her visit to the disaster zone.  This one I don’t know what to think of.  On the one hand, by living in a hotel she does not seem to sympathize with the disaster victim enough.  On the other hand…there does not seem to be a major problem because she is just a party chairwoman.  She is a civilian, and not a government official, so I wonder does it really matter where she live during her visit to the disaster area?  I am still living in my home.  Although I sympathize greatly with the victims and donated some money etc, that does not mean I am going to go live on the street…even though that probably is the only way to feel first hand the victims suffering, but do we have to go that far?  I don’t know.  But in any case, Ms. Tsai apologized and explained.

The other one is a quite simply an orchestrated lie (or misinformation).  Lead by KMT Chairman Wu,  the 林邊 town chief and other KMT politicians accuse 屏東 county government for withholding 1000 millions NTD funds from the victims.  But this lie was soon destroyed by the pan green media and the clarification from the county government.  (More Information here).  The reporters went into 林邊 town, and confirmed that the victims have indeed received funding.

Like Mr. 吳國棟 said before “This is a media war.”  A media war indeed.  Of course, I also hope pan green politicians can do their best.  However, the key is not just DPP’s performance, but the media battle field as well, as Chen’s past 8 years show.   Pan blue media was able to deceive the public, while pan green media did not have enough power and channels to counter them.  Pan green politicians have to listen, apologize and improve, when there are mistakes, of course.  But when there is a deception to the public, pan greens need to have good information channel to send out strong clarification and rebuttal to the general public.  Otherwise, pan green will continue to lose this information war to the KMT, and worse, to China, the real puppet master behind the scene.

“Honesty is the best policy.” (wow-ho, how come Mr. B. Franklin has so many nice quotes?).  Maybe pan green just has to use facts and honesty to fight against pan blue’s lies and deceptions.

PS. Also, Ma’s support rating did rise up a bit after his contineous apologizing trip.  Premeir Liu is not so fortunate, as his rating basically falls off the cliff.  This is sort of expected.  Those that follow Taiwan’s politics, we all have seen this before.  Ma messed something up big time, and after a while, people just “forget about it.” For some reason, Taiwanese in general forgive Ma fairly easily, but that is also why Ma is a perfect pawn of China (and some KMT old guards, as some people suspect).  However, his rating is still low, so obviously a lot of people indeed finally realize Ma is not all he claims to be…so it continues…


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