Water Management And Its Relationship to Attitude (UPDATE)

Claudia Jean has a nice summary of the DPP water management proposal, and how KMT messed it up. Reading it, a lot of memory during that time flush back to me.  A lot more people need to be reminded or informed on how messed things up and smeared DPP.  Frank Hsieh, in particular, was attacked consistently by KMT and pan blue media, probably because he was the presidential candidate and thus enemy #2 of KMT (#1 being ex-President Chen).  However, if we really look at the record, Mr. Hsieh seems to be the one that manages water much better than KMT could ever do.

I also heard about his rivers and flood management proposal for Taipei City.  It is quite impressive, and it covers both environmental and economical aspect at the same time.

I think it is not because Mr. Hsieh has some sort of secret knowledge.  He probably consulted with different people and experts to formulate those proposal.  But why he could do it, but KMT cannot?  Once again I think it is a matter of attitude.

The KMT mentality treated China as their homeland.  First, they treated Taiwan only as a temporary base, and then when there are environmental problems, they just say something like “this problems exist just because Taiwan is too small, Taiwan lacks resources, Taiwan is…”  Basically just a series of complaints about Taiwan’s environment, because all they think about is China’s “middle earth,” where there are great lands and rivers etc.  Therefore, they don’t see the good side of Taiwan and never understand Taiwan’s environment.  (A simple example that demonstrates this point is the carts of Maokong Gondola.  Fully sealed, no air flow and therefore extremely hot during summer.  The cart purchased from France was design for cold climate, not for Taiwan.  The lack of understanding about Taiwan’s environmental conditions cannot be more apparent.)

Pan green focus on Taiwan and therefore understand more about Taiwan’s environment and how to treat it with respect.  Also, because of their understanding and focus, they remain positive instead of complaining about Taiwan’s natural limitations.  Therefore they believe that it is possible to make Taiwan better.

Pan blue always use 意識型態 (just realize…there is no translation of this to English,…who the heck invented this term) as a negative term, and use 故八肚 as a positive term.  I can only say they are a bunch of fools, because ultimately, 意識型態 determines the attitude, and attitude determines everything else, including 故八肚.

UPDATE: As I finished this post, I saw this letter of ex-President Chen to someone named 贊屋.  Some people don’t like Chen, but since he has been a president before, he might offer some good insight.  Coincidentally, he and I share a common opinion:


Basic Traslation: IMO, Ma and Liu’s attitude is the root of the problem in this rise of disaster toll.  It is said that “attitude determines everything, attitude determines fate.”

Funny I said the similar thing in my last paragraph:

attitude determines everything else

I guess quite some people hold similar opinion on this.


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