Dalai Lama Coming To Taiwan

CNN Report.

Dalai Lama is finally allowed into Taiwan by Ma.  As suspected by most, this time it is really hard for Ma to deny Dalai Lama visits.  And as usual, China denounces it. (China denounces every Dalai Lama visit…as usual) 

My suspicion, as always, is that this is actually not Ma’s decision, but China’s.  Ma, with the events of the past year, more than ever looks like a small pawn of Beijing.  However, because Ma is losing significant popularity in Taiwan, China is in danger of losing this pawn if they tell Ma to disallow Dalai Lama’s visit.  As there is no replacement yet, they have to save this pawn for now.  Refusing Dalai Lama’s visit would be the dumbest political move, as the simple refusal could destroy entirely one of  its pawns that occupy the highly strategic locations.

If we look at the reports of China’s denouncement, it is obvious that China and Ma had some sort of agreement and understanding. (By the way those western media still don’t get the history of Taiwan, or even of Tibet, right…man…I know people are lazy, and like to use copy and paste functions.  But they got paid, so at least they can be professional instead of spreading craps through the Internet.)

It is a good move by DPP to invite Dalai Lama.  His holiness is a long time friend of Taiwan, and this is probably the only chance that he can be allowed by Ma to visit Taiwan.  His spiritual guidance would be helpful and welcomed in this dark time, I am sure.


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  1. Prof. LAN Tao-Tse on

    Firstly, what CNN did was very, very wrong! CNN hypothesized, and virtually dared the PRC into action by its diatribe of how China would react to the Dalai Lama’s visit. Sadly, CNN is not content to report news as it happens, but prefers to to bait and tempt PRC responses in order to get new “stories”. Shameful! This horrible disaster took place during our “Ghost Month” (equivalent to western friends’ “all hallows eve” prayerful observance for the dead). Chinese historical, cultural, and religious customs dictate that we pray and make offerings for the souls of the departed during this month-long time of the lunar year. For loved one’s to die from mishaps and disasters during this time is extremely troubling to we Chinese. For entire villages to be wiped out, to have our relatives washed down river torrents into the open sea without any chance of a proper burial or funeral service cause us unimaginable heart ache. For our beliefs and customs, in order to soothe the passings of our loved ones, this requires special prayers and rituals. We are essentially a Buddhist and Taoist country ( but welcome all faiths to worship freely in Taiwan). For such a tragedy, we respectfully appreciate HH the DaLai Lama to help our departed loved ones in this time of National Mourning. This is like the Pope helping Western people in a disaster time pray the Mass for the Dead.

    This is NOT about politics! This is about Compassion, Love, and doing our filial duty to our loved ones and lost souls who have no one to pray for them. PLEASE! Respect this! We welcome the Dalai Lama in our time of sorrow.

  2. dixteel on

    Actually, professor, CNN’s report on China’s reaction is just based on China’s own official news site: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2009-08/27/content_11954815.htm#

    And it is not just CNN, various other news report also indincated China’s reaction. Most of them also summarize China’s reaction to Dalai Lama’s previous visit to other countries etc. It is just a background summary of the past experience.

    Also, the Pope hold a Mass praying for Taiwan this time as well. (a week ago I think)

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