A Long Time Ago…

Because of the recent Marokat disaster and the initiation of reconstruction plan, some return their attention to another incomprehensible action of Ma…that lasted 10 years.

Probably not enough of people paid enough attention to the 東星大樓 victims’ situation, otherwise Ma would never been elected as president (or he would have gotten much less votes).  The worst and weirdest thing Ma and his city government did is going to the court with those victims…and actually going all the way up (the victims won many cases in the court, but the City government appeals to the higher courts).  Eventually the victims settled with the government, but as stated by Ms. 簡余晏 in the article, it is mostly just because many victims are tired of it and cannot go on fighting with the government in the court.

It is worth noting that in all the reconstructions for 921 Earth Quakes, this building is the last to be finished.

An interesting comparison can also be found here.  During 921 Earth Quakes, in greater Taipei area, 3 condo got destroyed: 東星, 龍閣 and 博士的家. 東星 is in Taipei City, under KMT Ma, while 龍閣 and 博士的家 is in Taipei County, under DPP Hsu(蘇貞昌). 龍閣 took 3 years. 博士的家 took 5 years due to its larger construct, but 東星 took 10 years, even though comparatively it is smaller.

Granted, there are a lot of issues contributing to 東星’s slow reconstruction, but a lot of them come from Taipei City’s lack of initiative to help in the first place.  Moreoever, Taipei City actually adds and creates more trouble for the victims…Hmm…and that mayor of Taipei City is now the president…WOW.


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