Pro-China Supporters’ False Logic and Claims

I found it amusing that pro-China elements in Taiwan always protests and appeals with the most basic human material desires, and always assume that their opposed  activities will interfere with the supply of those basic necessity.

From China’s official propaganda machine, Xinhua

“No Dalai Lama — Only food and beds wanted” and “(He) only talks — no fund-raising”, said banners Monday displayed by Taiwan’s ethnic groups’ typhoon-hit victims outside the hotel where the Dalai Lama was staying in Kaohsiung City.

I am not saying that basic human material desires are not important.  They are.  However, the view that human only cares about food etc makes human lower than animals.  Any animals, other than food, still want friendship (ex. dog) and freedom (wild birds) etc.  Depriving them of those make them unhappy. 

Plus, there is no logic behind the claim that Dalai Lama visits or other activity disliked by those pro-China people is going to stop the supply of foods and beds.  Many people are still working hard to bring about those needs to the typhoon victims, with or without Dalai Lama visits.  Plus, Dalai Lama visits might actually bring more attention and help from the international community due to his popularity and good reputation.  By just showing up, he helps Taiwan out greatly.

And as we all know, despite what those pro-China people tend to think, a lot of time people need more than just foods and beds.  This false claims from pro-China people  is basically the same line from Ma’s election campaign – “take care of stomach” and its related goodies.  Basically what they are claiming is in order to take care of the economy, every other activities have to be suspended.  One wonders why they never think that economic, culture, political, scientific, education, and even national defense progresses can actually go in parallel, and in fact, can compliment each others?


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