Who were Laughing?

In this section of 大話新聞, we can see that Ma, for some reason, acted very casual and made jokes when visiting the aboriginal victims.  Like I said before, Ma has some serious attitude problem.  How he can make such jokes on the victims when visiting the disaster zones in beyond me.

Of course I was not at the meeting and thus have no first hand observation.  However, such comments are very absurd and weird.  However, the weirder thing is…who were laughing at the jokes at the background?   Because seriously, I don’t find it funny, but actually insulting, especially to the aboriginals.  I am not sure how they could laugh when they are discussing such  serious subject during the meeting.  Those that laughed at his jokes actually add to the insults.

If we look closely though, the “protestors” are actually smiling themselves.  And the signs they hold up are actually ass kissing comments such as “Ma is the Lai-Ji town’s savior” etc.  So it is possible a staged act.  If so it is even more insulting to the actual victims.


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