The Light That Reveals Many Ironies

From the many articles and blogs from Taiwan, it seems that many people feels that Dalai Lama is like a light that shines through the darkness.  Interesting this type of feeling come from different reasons.  Some feels that he is like a light because he brings spirituality, peace and hope to Taiwan in the time of disaster.  Some feels that he is like a light because we are able to see the ugly side of those pro-China politicians and pro-China supporters.  Worth noting those anti-Dalai Lama demonstrators are lead by the famous Mafia boss Chang.  The same Chang who also directed the protection of Kou when he returned to Taiwan due to his outrageous remarks on-line during his time as a GIO diplomat in Toronto.  And apparently this guy also has friendly relationship with one of Ma’s older sister.

Back to the main topic…while Dalai Lama the light reveals the many ugly and shameful side of pro-China elements in Taiwan, I am sure many people find many ironies in this situation.

Those anti-Dalai Lama protesters use their rights in the democratic system to demonstrate.  However, they are not just protest against Dalai Lama, but indeed against democracy, human rights and liberty.  Because basically, they oppose Dalai Lama, a man who wish and work for human rights, liberty and democracy for Tibetan, and they support China (yea, they even wave Chinese flags during demonstration), a country that oppresses  Tibet.  The irony is…they utilize their democratic rights to protest against democracy and against a man that actually enjoys and praise such “democratic behaviour.”

When the Chinese official Chen visited Taiwan last year, the pan-green also staged protest.  However, the government use every means available to hinder the protest or block the protests from Chen’s sight.  Road blocks, police check, confiscating of all flags(including ROC flag), except PRC’s national flags.  This heavy handed crackdown eventually leads to the climax of violent confrontation between the police and the protesters.  This time when Dalai Lama visited, the Ma government did no such heavy handed blockade of protests, and indeed, allow the full freedom of expressions, although those expressions are actually against the very spirit of freedom.  Such double standard.  The funny thing is, probably if Ma actually use the same standard and suppress pro-China demonstration, Dalai Lama would not like it and would not praise Taiwan’s democracy.  Irony indeed.

As I mentioned before, my opinion of Dalai  Lama is that he is a great spiritual leader with great wisdom, but he is not a good politician as he and the Tibetan Government in Exile still struggle to free Tibet, despite the strong international support for their cause.  However, his visit was able to bring out and show clearly many of Taiwan’s political problems, which is indeed interesting.  (some even wonder if his visit actually helps to divert people’s attention from Ma’s failures, thus indirectly helps Ma, who refused his visit last year…another irony.  But I don’t think Ma can successfully divert people’s attention this time because his problems are so great not even Dalai Lama’s light will distract people from those problems).

In any case, my thanks to Dalai Lama, for bringing the hope and revealing the evils.  (well, that might be a bit too strong an expression, but it sounds cool).


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