An Example Demonstrating The Similarity Between KMT and CCP

To demonstrate my opinion that KMT and CCP are made out of the same sh*t, here is another example:

This might not look like a big deal, but actually it is.  It demonstrate KMT’s authoritarian nature (the same authoritarian nature as CCP’s).   First the Taipei City forces those elementary students to got watch the game, and now they want them to wave particular flag and cheer for particular national team (in this case, the Chinese team).  This is just outrageous.

To cheer for which team or to wave which national flag should be a personal choice, even for young students.  Is waving Chinese national flag part of the educational curriculum?  If not, why should the students wave them.

Some adults have this mentality: “well, they are just kids, who cares.”  But that cannot be more wrong.  Kids are the most vulnerable members of our society.  It is our responsibility to protect their rights, and cannot let them be used by the government institutions for some arbitrary purpose against their will.  (Kids are forced to go to school, of course.  However, “going to school” is not some arbitrary purpose setup by the government.  It is a long established tradition of human society to educate our young.)


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