Wu’s Up, Liu’s Down, Nothing’s Different

Taipei Times’ Report.

This is a sudden and interesting development.  Ma and Liu certainly surprise many by this sudden step down, because just a week before the announcement, Liu seems very confident to continue as the premier in conferences and interviews.  It looks like Ma finally realizes Liu is already burnt to ashes and can no longer cover him, therefore he has to change the shield.  However, as I mentioned before, I don’t think this makes a difference.  Especially the substitution choice, now Premier Wu, does not seem too impressive.  During his time as the mayor of Kaohsiung City, he did almost nothing in helping improving the city, especially the extremely urgent water pollution problem.  (the stinky river, citizens have to buy bottle water etc)  That is why he lost the mayor election to Mr. Hsie of DPP, and Hsie was able to improve Kaohsiung city so fast after he took over as the mayor.

Furthermore, Wu is just a human shield of Ma, so really it does not matter if Wu is a suitable choice (although indeed many, even people in KMT, think he is a poor choice).  Ex-president Lee said before, he was puzzled why those officials (including Liu), perform OK when they work for him, but perform poorly when they work for Ma.  Again, the root of the problem is Ma, and a reshuffle of cabinet is not going to change anything.  Of course, this is just my theory…still need to observe the further development down the road.  There are other speculations that maybe Wu is there for election purpose, since he is always a big contributor to KMT’s election strategies etc.  This is very plausible as well…but I wonder if Wu can sill work “his magic.”  Before people do not see Ma clearly, and putting up some makeups to make Ma looks nice is possible.  However, now a lot more people can see clearly who Ma true is, can Wu’s “magic” still work?

One weird thing is that the vice premier Eric Chu, was designated by Ma.  This is, in fact, un-Constitutional.  Why Ma did this is up for speculation.  However, once again, Ma breaks rules etc just because he feels like it.  Sometimes if it is convenient, he used loop holes to circumvent regulations and laws. (ex set Maokong Gondola as amusement structure instead of transportation structure to avoid environment assessment)  However, if the rule is small and not usually noticed by others, he just breaks them.  Such behavior is bordering the edge of the classical definition of tyranny.  Fortunately, there are still elections that can hold him in check.

On the bright side, the economy of Taiwan, like the rest of the world, shows some sign of recovery.  I am not sure how long and how well this recovery will go (and I wonder how many people can be sure).  As I mentioned before, I think the economy of Taiwan will recover even if the government sucks, because the society in general is vibrant.  As the economy starts to recover, unemployment rate will start to decrease, hopefully.  However, IMO, the government, especially the Ma government, is holding Taiwan back from achieving greater economic prosperity.  Also, even though the economy is recovering, a lot of economic problems and issues remain, or even get worse.

The funny thing is, as Mr. Lin pointed out, the TAIEX index went up dramatically around the time Dalai Lama came for the visit and China “gets angered.”  Mr. Lin noticed that if we apply pan-blue media’s logic in market analysis, we will conclude that angering China makes the stocks go up, or that Dalai Lama visits help it to go up.  Of course, both are ridiculous, as any sane person knows, the recent rise of the index is not abnormal, comparing with the indices from around the world.


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