The Dark Side…(UPDATE)

The title is my only thought on the Chen Verdict.

Judge Tsai said:

One person’s greed has caused chaos throughout the whole country.

This single statement shows the whole problem of Judge Tsai.  Coming from a Judge, it shows the great bias, hatred, thoughtlessness and lawlessness in Taiwan.  When the history looks back on this, what will it says I wonder…But this statement I hope will be kept in record forever, as the evidence of KMT’s backwardness and assault against the basic principle of the Rule of Law.

Update: Just for the record keeping.  This is from yesterday’s 大話新聞.  In this  section, the news video part shows the vice President actually invites officials in the presidential office to join KMT!  This is really F**K UP! (Sorry, just cannot find words to describe it).  It is like we are back to the time when I am a kid (or even before I was born).


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