Interesting Political Perspective

Here is a different and interesting political perspective.  I am not sure if I agree with everything it says, but I think it contains certain truth.  For many years, I also find ex-President Chen and a lot of people in Taiwan naive.  They do not seem to understand the very nature of KMT.  Even now, I wonder how many people see it.

But perhaps, this is a “learning process,” like Mr. Cohen said…it takes time for people to learn.  After all, Taiwan (and even the international media) has been brain washed by KMT for 50 years.  Wake up, Taiwan.  Wake up and smell the coffee, CNN.


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  1. yk on

    All of you are foreigners.

    There are so many passport people talking about

    this small island.Too much ego??

    Take your time to go to place need you.


  2. dixteel on

    Hmm…why shouldn’t more people talk or pay more attention to Taiwan? Just because it is “small,” people should not talk about it? There are approximately 23,000,000 people living on this “small” island, and there are many other aspects that make Taiwan important.

    Why should people pay attention to Tibet? Because it is “bigger?” A piece of diamond is small, but does it make sense to throw that piece diamond into a trash can?

    It is exactly because people do not pay attention, that KMT was able saturate the information space with false statement, and was able to fool even CNN and most of the other media and major international organization.

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