The Movie Formosa Betrayed Looks Promising

The movie Formosa Betrayed is looking more and more promising.  I have not seen the movie (only seen the trailer) so I have no idea how it is.  However, based on the report it seems pretty good.

Just a brief note, the movie is based on true event back in the 1980’s, I think.  Because it actually happens just a few years before I was borne, I have no first hand experience or information on it (and I wonder how many Taiwanese, other than the activists, actually know about it during that time, because it is the white terror era when the government has total control of the media and when just talking politics openly can have dire consequences).  My knowledge about it is based only on books and later documentary.

Hopefully this movie will be a great success.  I really admire Will Tiao’s passion, ability and determination to bring out this film.  Taiwan really needs this type of things to be its voice in the international space.  And I have to give a thumb’s up and thanks to the actors and actresses of this film, because they participated in something that can be quite meaningful to Taiwan.


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