The Drug Addiction

This article point out now that the Chinese government denies the tourists to go to southern Taiwan due to the Dalai Lama visit and the screening of The 10 Conditions of Love, featuring Rebiya Kadeer, the hotel and tourism industry starts to whine about it. (suggesting postpone the screening of the movie).

Again, it shows the most fundamental strategy of China – use economic incentive  and promises (whether  illusive or concrete) to control and manipulate others.  As the article points out, it is the exact same strategy of the drug dealers or the pimps who use drugs to control prostitutes.  Anyone who claims that China is a capitalist free market can shut their stink holes, because clearly it is not.

Thomas in the comment of my last blog mentioned why the US does not have people with enough spine when dealing with China…and I think it is due to the similar reasons.  Perhaps the root of the problem is not the Chinese development of ASBM, or the US’s lack of response, but the economy.  The US and Chinese economy are tied together in many ways.  One example is the massive US debt owned by China.  The US, fearing the negative effect on its own economy, has very limited options when dealing with China.  On the grand strategic view, the US has to find a way to set itself free from this tie to solve this fundamental issue, otherwise it will find itself again and again in the same difficult situation when dealing with China.  Ultimately this might even spell the doom of the US.

So how do we deal with China in terms of economy?  Ideally, we should just deal with China the same way we tell our children how to deal with drug dealers: just avoid them.  Avoid drugs, avoid friends that recommend you drugs and avoid the drug dealers.  Of course economic is more complicated, so the same analogy cannot be applied fully.  However, similar idea is applicable. 


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