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Diane Lee, Ma, Chen and the Justice System

A very well written one from Mr. Keating, I think.

Diane Lee finally admit…Hmm…How about Ma?  Will we ever find out?  I guess we will just have to wait and see…


A Very Good Warning

This is a very good warning by 彭明敏.  The problems can be categorized into 2: internal and external.  Internally, China and Ma can coordinate to create an environment for Ma or even other KMT candidate to get elected in 2012.  They can even use shock and awe tactics in economical and political area that involves bribes and threats.  Externally, China and Ma will continue to lobby in the west that the best path for Taiwan is to unify with China, and create a sense that majority of Taiwanese agree with Ma.

These types of things are not too difficult to execute.  Just look at how ridiculous some of the western media handle Taiwan’s news and how much influence China has over some politicians in Taiwan and the west.  The situation is critical…and the only people who can help Taiwanese are Taiwanese themselves.

UPDATE: Sometimes China and Ma does not even need to give something concrete to fool Taiwanese: LINK.  I just hope people learn what a big liar Ma is and be suspicious of him.  However, I know there is no cure for fools, and how people can be very greedy…so it is still a worrisome situation.

Interesting Observation on China’s Economic Numbers

This is quite interesting.  Although I think the theory that 中國即將崩潰 (Coming Collapse of China)  is debatable, the author 章家敦 has a good point in this interview.  Is the data coming out of China trust worthy?  How accurate and inaccurate is it?  Those questions always exist in my mind, and I always have doubt about data from China.

It is not because I think Chinese government like to beef up the number to look good.  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but that is not the point.  The issue lies in the nature of their government structure.  First, the communist party has to justify their sole control of political power by economic advancement.  This is a big incentive for them to cheat the number.  Obviously, it is possible that western type of government also like to cheat on the number, but there are so many eyes watching their action, and as soon as they try to cover things up or make things look better than it is, there are always many skepticism and criticisms.  However, this skepticism and criticisms, and watchful eyes are rare, or at least not common, in China. 

The second thing is the local government.  Each one wants to look good, and again there is a lack of supervision.  One might say that the central government can act as the supervisors, but seriously, when and where is the central government  ever good at supervising, especially the central government of country with large land mass or huge populations.  The media usually acts as a better supervisors, but in China, media has their hands tie behind their backs and is not well developed.

Therefore, although China is still growing fast, I think it is wise to have some doubt about their numbers and the current western common assumption that it is all great in China.  Like Mr. 章 pointed out, the number simply does not add up.  Mr. 章 also points out that China might be going back to their older economic tricks of strong central government influence etc.  I find it interesting…will keep an eye on this later.

The Sh*t Finger!

大話新聞 once again talk about the problematic construction in Taipei City during Ma’s time.  Yesterday there was yet another incident with Nain-Hu line.

I just thought of something funny.  It seems everything Ma touches during his time as Taipei mayor turn to sh*t.  Now, the whole Taiwan seems to turn backward economically and politically.  In another word, Taiwan is turning into sh*t as well.  Therefore, I think another nice nickname for Ma is “Sh*t Finger.” 

Based on this past experience, can we trust SF on something like ECFA?

Still In a State of Revolution

Just a thought of looking at Taiwan’s situation from a different point of view.  Perhaps Taiwan is still in a state of “peaceful” revolution.  Everyday life of Taiwan would go on without much difference…although economic situation and Ma’s government’s policy of raising tax and oil price has cause hardships on some people.  However, Taiwan is in a state of rapid change…and who will win and who will loss is still unclear.  Ex-president Lee and his followers thought Lee has accomplished the transformation through peaceful revolution, but in fact it is still an ongoing conflict and process. 

In this ongoing conflicts, casualties and sacrifices are plenty.  Ex-president Chen can be seen as a casualties.  It actually won’t be that surprising if he was jailed to death, if KMT remains in power or if China take over.  I am wondering if it is not just because KMT hates Chen so much and want to make an example…but maybe they are actually afraid of him.  However, the reason of their fear is not completely clear to me.

It is not just those few and powerful who are involved.  The major conflict is who get what…in another word, the fight for power and money.  Already, the KMT are already move the money and power from Taiwan to China, sacrificing Taiwan’s next generation in the process.  Their policy causes high unemployment rate and lower wages.  Young people today and their children will suffer greatly through this.  Furthermore, Ma government intend to give unfair privileges to those Chinese moving to Taiwan, as noted by my last post. 

Recently, there are also budgeting issues.  Ma government actually decrease budge on child care and education etc, and allocate the resource for Taipei City’s health care debt (which the highest court has already order Taipei City to pay, but Taipei City until now never did, and now the central Ma government is trying to wipe Ex-Mayer Ma’s ass).  Obviously this is just another way to waste more money in Taipei City by sacrificing every other tax payers.

All these are signs that the current state of Taiwan is not normal.  It is an on going revolution.  It is not a conflict of guns, but a conflicts of ideas and media.  Even if DPP takes power again, it is not over.  Thinking it is over, DPP will just repeat the same mistake made by Ex-president Chen.

Unfair Treatment

大話新聞 has been on this issue for quite a while.  Basically the Ma government’s education department issue a policy of allowing children of Chinese who is marrying and moving to Taiwan to study in any high school without test.  Obviously, this is an unfair treatment to any Taiwanese students, as everyone still has to take tests to enter the desired high school or universities.  Therefore, it has caused a strong uproar.  Interestingly, Ma government does not seem too eager to retract from this policy after it was made known by the public.  Will have to wait and see how this one develop.

However, it is clear that Ma government for some reason intend to give advantages to the Chinese and disadvantages to the Taiwanese in Taiwan.  It is not totally surprising.  However, it is still quite disturbing that Ma government can be so pro-China, to the point that they want to spend tax payers’ money to give Chinese unfair advantages in Taiwan.

This will of course reminds people of my father’s generation how they were treated unfairly in the education and the testing system.   During that time, the children of new Chinese immigrants that follow KMT to Taiwan can get 30 bonus points etc on their test score.  I do not know the detail, but the bonus points depends on which Chinese provinces their parents from.  Also, some school (for example, law school) and government office positions have certain quota for each Chinese provinces.  This is especially unfair and disadvantageous to Taiwanese, as 80% of students can only fight for 2% of opening.

It is just ridiculous how little KMT changes.  Now they are trying to do the same trick again, and IMO this time it is even worse.  I do not know why Taiwanese back then can take such unfair treatment, but I would be very surprised if Taiwanese can take anymore of this BS.

Why Not Take Advantage of This Instead?

This is fairly interesting.  However, Kaohsiung City can actually take advantage of this, because it can actually be a differentiating factors (other places have Chinese tourists, but Kaohsiung City has none…that is very special).  As there are less Chinese tourists, Kaohsiung City can concentrate on attracting tourists from other places, including domestic tourists.  This will differentiate Kaohsiung City from Taipei City, and make Kaohsiung City stands out.

Also, as can be seen in the graph here, Chinese tourists do not necessary mean bigger profit for the tourist industry. 

Complaining about Ma government not responding to this is useless, but there are actually 2 things Taiwanese can do that will help out this situation greatly.  First, visit Kaohsiung City for vacations.  Second, boycotting tourism in China.  There are a lot more Taiwanese visiting China than Chinese visiting Taiwan. 

Edit: might as well put the Kaohsiung travel advertising site link here.  Some nice photos in it. 

An Interesting Trend

I am not sure if I see this correctly, but here is a thought: Ma is putting an end to ROC.

Of course, to a lot of pan green people and indeed the most people around the world, ROC no longer exist in all practicality.  It is only an empty shell put on top of Taiwan.  However, to some hardcore pan blue supporters ROC still exist in form and in spirit.  In another word, in some people’s brain, it still exist and is an extension of the old ROC that occupies China before 1940s. 

However, I can see a trend that Ma is extinguish this last “breath” of ROC.  In another word, I wonder how many people wouldn`t laugh or smile when someone still calls out Republic of China, in and outside of Taiwan.  For sure, when that name comes out of Ma or any other KMT officials, it is practically meaningless.

In another word, Ma is putting the last nail into the coffin.  The question is, what would happen next?  The ROC is dead for sure, can Taiwanese finally take over for good?  or will China take over?  It is no longer of pan green and pan blue split, but a pan green and pan red split.  Pan blue is already dead.

In my personal opinion, the best scenario is the elimination of pan red in Taiwan, and a new 2 party system with pan-green on the one side and pan-XXX on the other. 

Asia Bloc? And What does it Mean For Taiwan?

The Wall Street Journal reports on Hatoyama’s idea of Asia bloc, based on EU concept.  I actually think the guy is a lunitics…or too idealistic. CertainlyI don’t think it is possible at all in the foreseeable future.  A few reasons:

  • Europe are made up of a lot of different nation, with relatively similar national strength.  In other words, no one or few countries will dominate the whole bloc.  The situation is quite different in East Asia, where China has the most population and landmass.  Even if the bloc is formed, it will just be a Chinese Hegemony, and I wonder if that is what the Japanese and Korean want.
  • European countries have similar political system (all are democratic, one form or another), but already they struggle for years and made countless compromises.  Can Japan, South Korea and China do that?
  • European countries have more respect toward each others.  In Asia, there are still a lot of hates between Japan, Korea and China.
  • North Korea.  Can you actually form a bloc with North Korea located right in the middle of it?  Certainly, in Europe, there is no such situation, where a big authoritarian regime support a smaller one.  North Korea won’t be in the bloc, but China will be.  And that very obviously complicate the situation.

If this lunatic’s vision comes true, another country that will be left out of the bloc, as usual, is Taiwan.  However, I think it might actually be a good thing.  By not being in any bloc what so ever, there are no priviledge, but there are no obligations neither.  This can actually be a big advantage, if different blocs are formed around Taiwan.  (The situation is certainly moving toward that way, if this lunatic’s vision comes true.  With East Asia bloc to the North and West, South East Asia bloc to the South, and the Pacific, North and South America blocs to the east, Taiwan would be in the center of them all.  It would be both a danger and opportunity.)

Why KMT Government Does This?

Taipei Times once again made it big.  Last time, it was a photo of Dalai Lama reading Taipei Times.  This time, 大話新聞 made a big reference of Taipei Times report on the switching of the name Taiwan with Taipei in the NBA game in Taipei, and devote a whole section of that episode to discuss it.  Sometimes good work just sells itself.

I am really wondering why though.  It looks like not showing the name “Taiwan” is really a big deal in KMT’s agenda.  However, the use of name “Taiwan” is already very wide spread and accepted.  Why do they put so much effort in not showing it?  It not only shows the great CCP control over KMT, it also shows their foolishness.  The main point though, like Taipei Times and 大話新聞 said, is how KMT lies during election.