Extreme Rudeness

Many people probably already notice the “Taiwan float” in Chinese 60th anniversary parade, but anyone with some brain will know that the float is created by China and not really from Taiwan.

Obviously I have no problem seeing Chinese and the communist party celebrating their founding anniversary (although I know how bloody it has been, for at least the first 30 years).  However, when they create this float, and place it with the one from Hong Kong etc, I find it extremely rude and insulting.  Which country in the world have thick enough skin to create a parade float that pretend to represent a group of people whom they aim their missiles at because they think they belong to China?

It is like someone going around telling other that person A is her slave (or husband and wife, if one prefer a more “romantic” analogy) when person A clearly is not.  That is one reason Taiwanese cannot stand China, because of this extreme rudeness.

On the bright side, Kadeer’s 10 Conditions of Love documentary seems to be a very big hit in Taiwan right now…thanks in part to the China’s continuous suppression of the film since its debut in Australia.  (In case someone wonders…when China tries to suppress it, people, especially Taiwanese, become more curious about it.  Therefore unintentionally China has helped the advertisement of the film in Taiwan.  I wonder if the marketing people should not learn from this…or maybe they already know and  have a special term for it…maybe something like “negative psychological reaction technique.”) 

PS: Mr. Michael Turton notes on the serious kiss ass action of Empire State Building in New York City.  Hey, New York City, I have a better idea, why don’t you guys paint the Chinese flag over the Statue of Liberty?  That would look very nice, wouldn’t it?  Also, Mr. Turton has this link from FOX NEWS, with Mr. Steve Yates commenting on the ass kissing action.  Mr. Yates comment is so good, I just have to repost it here.  I know many people don’t like Fox News, but Mr. Yates’ comment is right on this time.


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