Why KMT Government Does This?

Taipei Times once again made it big.  Last time, it was a photo of Dalai Lama reading Taipei Times.  This time, 大話新聞 made a big reference of Taipei Times report on the switching of the name Taiwan with Taipei in the NBA game in Taipei, and devote a whole section of that episode to discuss it.  Sometimes good work just sells itself.

I am really wondering why though.  It looks like not showing the name “Taiwan” is really a big deal in KMT’s agenda.  However, the use of name “Taiwan” is already very wide spread and accepted.  Why do they put so much effort in not showing it?  It not only shows the great CCP control over KMT, it also shows their foolishness.  The main point though, like Taipei Times and 大話新聞 said, is how KMT lies during election.


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