An Interesting Trend

I am not sure if I see this correctly, but here is a thought: Ma is putting an end to ROC.

Of course, to a lot of pan green people and indeed the most people around the world, ROC no longer exist in all practicality.  It is only an empty shell put on top of Taiwan.  However, to some hardcore pan blue supporters ROC still exist in form and in spirit.  In another word, in some people’s brain, it still exist and is an extension of the old ROC that occupies China before 1940s. 

However, I can see a trend that Ma is extinguish this last “breath” of ROC.  In another word, I wonder how many people wouldn`t laugh or smile when someone still calls out Republic of China, in and outside of Taiwan.  For sure, when that name comes out of Ma or any other KMT officials, it is practically meaningless.

In another word, Ma is putting the last nail into the coffin.  The question is, what would happen next?  The ROC is dead for sure, can Taiwanese finally take over for good?  or will China take over?  It is no longer of pan green and pan blue split, but a pan green and pan red split.  Pan blue is already dead.

In my personal opinion, the best scenario is the elimination of pan red in Taiwan, and a new 2 party system with pan-green on the one side and pan-XXX on the other. 


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