Unfair Treatment


大話新聞 has been on this issue for quite a while.  Basically the Ma government’s education department issue a policy of allowing children of Chinese who is marrying and moving to Taiwan to study in any high school without test.  Obviously, this is an unfair treatment to any Taiwanese students, as everyone still has to take tests to enter the desired high school or universities.  Therefore, it has caused a strong uproar.  Interestingly, Ma government does not seem too eager to retract from this policy after it was made known by the public.  Will have to wait and see how this one develop.

However, it is clear that Ma government for some reason intend to give advantages to the Chinese and disadvantages to the Taiwanese in Taiwan.  It is not totally surprising.  However, it is still quite disturbing that Ma government can be so pro-China, to the point that they want to spend tax payers’ money to give Chinese unfair advantages in Taiwan.

This will of course reminds people of my father’s generation how they were treated unfairly in the education and the testing system.   During that time, the children of new Chinese immigrants that follow KMT to Taiwan can get 30 bonus points etc on their test score.  I do not know the detail, but the bonus points depends on which Chinese provinces their parents from.  Also, some school (for example, law school) and government office positions have certain quota for each Chinese provinces.  This is especially unfair and disadvantageous to Taiwanese, as 80% of students can only fight for 2% of opening.

It is just ridiculous how little KMT changes.  Now they are trying to do the same trick again, and IMO this time it is even worse.  I do not know why Taiwanese back then can take such unfair treatment, but I would be very surprised if Taiwanese can take anymore of this BS.


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