Still In a State of Revolution

Just a thought of looking at Taiwan’s situation from a different point of view.  Perhaps Taiwan is still in a state of “peaceful” revolution.  Everyday life of Taiwan would go on without much difference…although economic situation and Ma’s government’s policy of raising tax and oil price has cause hardships on some people.  However, Taiwan is in a state of rapid change…and who will win and who will loss is still unclear.  Ex-president Lee and his followers thought Lee has accomplished the transformation through peaceful revolution, but in fact it is still an ongoing conflict and process. 

In this ongoing conflicts, casualties and sacrifices are plenty.  Ex-president Chen can be seen as a casualties.  It actually won’t be that surprising if he was jailed to death, if KMT remains in power or if China take over.  I am wondering if it is not just because KMT hates Chen so much and want to make an example…but maybe they are actually afraid of him.  However, the reason of their fear is not completely clear to me.

It is not just those few and powerful who are involved.  The major conflict is who get what…in another word, the fight for power and money.  Already, the KMT are already move the money and power from Taiwan to China, sacrificing Taiwan’s next generation in the process.  Their policy causes high unemployment rate and lower wages.  Young people today and their children will suffer greatly through this.  Furthermore, Ma government intend to give unfair privileges to those Chinese moving to Taiwan, as noted by my last post. 

Recently, there are also budgeting issues.  Ma government actually decrease budge on child care and education etc, and allocate the resource for Taipei City’s health care debt (which the highest court has already order Taipei City to pay, but Taipei City until now never did, and now the central Ma government is trying to wipe Ex-Mayer Ma’s ass).  Obviously this is just another way to waste more money in Taipei City by sacrificing every other tax payers.

All these are signs that the current state of Taiwan is not normal.  It is an on going revolution.  It is not a conflict of guns, but a conflicts of ideas and media.  Even if DPP takes power again, it is not over.  Thinking it is over, DPP will just repeat the same mistake made by Ex-president Chen.


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