A Very Good Warning

This is a very good warning by 彭明敏.  The problems can be categorized into 2: internal and external.  Internally, China and Ma can coordinate to create an environment for Ma or even other KMT candidate to get elected in 2012.  They can even use shock and awe tactics in economical and political area that involves bribes and threats.  Externally, China and Ma will continue to lobby in the west that the best path for Taiwan is to unify with China, and create a sense that majority of Taiwanese agree with Ma.

These types of things are not too difficult to execute.  Just look at how ridiculous some of the western media handle Taiwan’s news and how much influence China has over some politicians in Taiwan and the west.  The situation is critical…and the only people who can help Taiwanese are Taiwanese themselves.

UPDATE: Sometimes China and Ma does not even need to give something concrete to fool Taiwanese: LINK.  I just hope people learn what a big liar Ma is and be suspicious of him.  However, I know there is no cure for fools, and how people can be very greedy…so it is still a worrisome situation.


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