Already Lost Track of How Many Times…

Holy smoke…it happens again.  Taipei’s MRT Naihu line is out of service once again.  This time for 2 hours….

It happens so many times I already lost track of how many times it had happened.  It is a total joke…I don’t know how they are going to solve this.

Update (more thought on this):

I guess this type of thing just keeps reinforcing Ma’s image as the sh*t finger in my mind.

A lot of people living outside of Taipei might say “this is none of our business, it is Taipei City’s problem.”  But that cannot be further from the truth.  The fact is, it is everyone’s problem.  Why?  Because why can’t Taipei City pay back its health care debt?  Where is the money of the construction come from?  Now they want to spend more money to fix it up, where would that money come from?  Think about that! 

Those money come from tax payers’ pocket, not just Taipei City’s tax payers, but tax payers in the whole Taiwan.  Furthermore, because Taipei City refuses to pay the health care money, all Taiwanese are forced to cover it.  They already raise the health care payment on small business owner, and actually backtrack 2 years.  That is ridiculous.  Why do they need that much money and where does the money go?  Wasted on the sh*t Ma created (Health Care debt, Nainhu Line, Maokong) of course.

UPDATE: Taipei Times has a comprehensive report on this.


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