An Ugly Marriage?

Interesting Washington Post Commentary.  Translated version can be found here.

In real life it is not too difficult to find couples in serious marriage crisis or dissatisfaction about the marriage soon after the marriage.  The usual reasons are common mistakes like hormone taking over the brain, passion without rational, act all nice before the marriage but soon after showing the “true color”…etc etc.

That is why I found the article’s analogy of the US and China’s relationship as a marriage quite interesting.  Although perhaps a bit of a stretched, it seems to me the US was hustled into a marriage they should have avoided.  China went into this marriage for money and power, but it made all this false promises, some even quite ridiculous, to the US, in such a way that the US found it difficult to resist.  For some reason, the US thinks they have the obligations to help transforming China, and for some reason, the profit chasing corporations were able to convince the US government that the only way to do so is by “dumping money into China.”

I remember when I was younger, I found it quite disturbing that the US give China all these special treatment in trade.  Back then, I just kept thinking why.  What did China do to deserve all these privileges and easy money?  I remember feeling an unclear sense of betray because the agreement obviously favours China in the expense of Taiwan.  I was young then and had less understanding, but even today I cannot find a justifiable reason…Perhaps the only explanation is the “post cold war hormone.”


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