MOU Sneak In

This is a worrisome development.  I am not sure what this mean actually, and I doubt many people know.  Because sh*t, they did not even disclose the content of the MOU.  They just sneak this in without any supervision!  This is really outrageous.  The lack of transparency and dictatorial behaviour is unbelievable.  Furthermore, this is not even constitutional.

It is well-known that Ma government wants to sign this MOU and ECFA, however, the “must do it no matter what” attitude, undignified sneaking and the total lack of transparency really surprise me.  Are KMT and Ma really so arrogant to the point that they think they know for sure, without any public discussions, that MOU and ECFA will benefit Taiwan greatly?  Certainly, only if they think like that could they be so zealous about signing different agreements without any public consensus. Or maybe they just want to sell out Taiwan for their own benefits, thus the eagerness and the lack of transparency.  Either way, it is bad for Taiwan.  If they are so arrogant, it means they have tunnel vision and blind sighted, which means great danger for Taiwan.  If they just want to sell Taiwan out, it also means great calamity. 

Can Taiwan survive this….?  Hopefully.


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