Oh Man…How Pretentious


Holy smoke…that question to Obama is just so fake.  Obviously that question is just made up by some Chinese officials.  Unfortunately thousands of students will yet again get brain washed by such question.  It is brave of Obama to face the questions “from Chinese students,” but unfortunately, whomever stands in that situation will be used by the Chinese government.  The questions are selective, some even fabricated.  No one can avoid answering in the way Chinese government want in such condition.

Another possible worry is that although most of Taiwanese and those who understand Taiwan will realize the obvious fakeness, it might not be very apparent to outsiders.  This might contribute to more misunderstanding between the US and Taiwan.  (I wonder, would Obama realize the fakeness in this question?)

Update: ha…found some serious error…can’t help it, wrote this in a hurry yesterday.


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  1. Thomas on

    How many Taiwanese businessmen you know are worried about arms sales? They might be worried about posturing by independence advocates affecting the trade environment, but I have never heard anyone say before that arms sales themselves were threatening business. Moreover, weapons sales have been going on for decades. Who in Taiwan has not “heard the news” of an impending weapons sale before?

    What bothers me the most is that several articles I read today presented Obama’s response to this question as an American reassurance that China’s “core interests” and “territorial integrity” would be respected. Some articles even placed reassurances over Taiwan next to their comments about Obama’s statement that the US believes Tibet is a part of China.

    In fact, Obama listened to a planted question about arms sales and, in response, recited the US position that it supports “A” One China policy. The joint statement with Hu was not much more committal to the Chinese position. I don’t give Obama good marks because he did not have the balls to call China out on its provocation, but I don’t think that the media is right to imply that he made assurances that he did not make either. Obama maintained the current unsatisfying Taiwan policy only. I guess this shows that the media must create stories to write about when it has little to say.

    • dixteel on

      Yea, I agree, Thomas.

      In fact, I would argue strong arms are in Taiwanese business people’s benefit. It is easy to see many Taiwanese business tycoons act like kings in Taiwan, but kowtow to Chinese government or make some ridiculous kiss ass remarks to Chinese officials. It is obvious to see why: they worry about their profit, business and workers in China, and there is nothing that protects them from Chinese government’s pressure and wrath.

      If Taiwan is very strong economically and militarily, however, those business people can afford to have more spines. I imagine those big bosses, in their high up positions, don’t enjoy kissing others’ asses that much neither.

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