Sometimes Westerners are Too Naive When Facing China

Now, I am not saying that people should be all cynical and look at China with hate, but sometimes their reaction toward Chinese officials is just so naive that I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.  First, let’s have a follow-up on Obama’s conversation with “Chinese student” last week.  Check out this article on Liberty Times.  Apparently, 3 out of the 4 students that asked the questions are fake student (I was guessing they are fake, but now it’s proven).  They are communist party officials.  The 4th one is a student, but has heavy connection with the party.  NY Times interviewed one student and find out all the students present have been indoctrinated not to ask certain questions.  Chinese official also admit they have done background check on all the students present.

Now I think of it…the questions are so well formulated it’s obviously scripted.  Usually in a conference, questions asked are formed on the fly and usually not extremely articulated and polished, even from a professional reporters.  But the questions from those students are so well-formed in English…and that is not even their first language…so yea, it’s obviously well scripted before hand, and probably they don’t give a f*ck on what Obama said before etc.   It is kind of funny to see how President Obama genuinely tried to answer the questions.  It makes me want to laugh now that I think back on how hard he concentrated and formulated his answer.  Psst, hey, Mr. President, here is a tip…you are not really communicating with the students so no need to try so hard, man.

The second incidence is just that a westerner who met the Chinese officials told me how they are now safeguarding their country from pollution and they don’t welcome factories that would pollute China to be setup.  From the sound of it, he genuinely believe every word the officials said, as if Chinese officials have become the Holy Mother of David Susuki. Now, I know the guy is a very intelligent man, but come one, you cannot expect that to be the whole story, can you?  Recently they just have another lead poison from smelting plants in China…Seriously, a lot of the pollution are from domestic factories and some are protected by local officials…So humm…yea, the Chinese officials are partially BSing.


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