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DPP Gains A Foothold

The election results show an increase in votes for pan Green and huge lost in votes for KMT.  Especially in traditionally KMT stronghold, DPP closes in dramatically, some counties almost a 50% VS 50% situation.  Furthermore, DPP maintains all its counties with big wins (large gap between DPP and KMT votes).  Therefore, although DPP only gains one more county seat on the surface, the actual gain is much bigger.

However, it is still not time for pan-green to rejoice.  The fact is still that KMT has approximately 48% votes and DPP 46%.  DPP is closing in, but has not overtaken KMT.  The next few elections, including a few legislators re-election and cities election next year would be critical for DPP.  DPP has gained a foothold, but has not win yet. 

Another interesting thing is pointed out by this article, which points out that a lot of veterans of DPP were turtling in, choosing to be candidates in traditional stronghold instead of challenging the KMT fortress. (even resulting controversial infighting for candidacy in Tainan)  As a result, DPP has to use a lot of rooky candidates in this election.  On the hindsight, those veterans seem timid and foolish, as they did not realize that the tide is turning in DDP’s favour, and did not take the opportunity.  If they did, DPP could potentially win those counties with close calls.  Basically, NO GUTS, NO GLORY.

That is true.  However, I would say it is perhaps not a bad thing.  It may be true that some of those “old foxes” seem to just want to save their own hides during the dark time, and therefore miss a good opportunity.  On the other hand, some might just lost a lot of fighting spirit.  This is understandable especially after they experience the down turn.  This happens to veteran soldiers and even investors.  However, the situation gives opportunity to the younger generations.  It gives them a chance to fight and learn.  Most of county governor candidates lost, but they helped the county representatives and township mayors in winning their elections.  I can foresee that in the near future, a lot of younger DPP politicians will come out to the front.  Some of them already show great result in this election, although they did not win.

In WW2, Japanese navy used up all its veterans in the pacific wars, which partially contribute to their eventual doom and the costly Kamikaze tactics.  The US navy on the other hands, retain its veteran pilots, who lead and train the rookies.  Perhaps this analogies show another positive side of DPP’s situation.


Most Terrifying…

This is one of the most shocking  and terrifying news I heard recently.  They are teaching Chinese way of pronouciation of Mandarin now.  To a foreigner, this might not seem like a big deal, but to a Taiwanese parent I can imagine how shocking it is.  There is a difference between the Mandarin in Taiwan and Mandarin in China, but now the school is teaching the Chinese way.  The implication is not just Ma’s next step to gradually intergrate Taiwan into China, but also of the terrible thought that the next generation will lost their heritage and become more Chinese than Taiwanese.

They joke about it in the show, but I cannot even laugh at it because this is the most terrible thing a government education system can do to its people: steal their children away from the parents without permission and make them into “another group of people” that will not only have generation gap but huge culture gap with the previous generations.