Most Terrifying…

This is one of the most shocking  and terrifying news I heard recently.  They are teaching Chinese way of pronouciation of Mandarin now.  To a foreigner, this might not seem like a big deal, but to a Taiwanese parent I can imagine how shocking it is.  There is a difference between the Mandarin in Taiwan and Mandarin in China, but now the school is teaching the Chinese way.  The implication is not just Ma’s next step to gradually intergrate Taiwan into China, but also of the terrible thought that the next generation will lost their heritage and become more Chinese than Taiwanese.

They joke about it in the show, but I cannot even laugh at it because this is the most terrible thing a government education system can do to its people: steal their children away from the parents without permission and make them into “another group of people” that will not only have generation gap but huge culture gap with the previous generations.


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