Haven’t Update for a While

Ha…a new year has come, and I realized I haven’t update this blog for a while.  The reason is I am extremely busy in the recent months.  Another reason might be psychologically…because now that things seem to turn in pan greens’ favor, I feel less urge to release my thoughts in the form of writing.  But then again, rationally speaking, that  many difficulties, uncertainties and opportunities laying in Taiwan’s path has not changed, which means Taiwanese still needs to be vigilant and there are still a lot of interesting things to pay attention to or think about.

DPP’s “Victory”

There are a few very interesting news recently.  First one is the recent “victory” of DPP over KMT in the 3 legislators re-election.  I put “victory” in quote because it is difficult to say if they are or aren’t, depending on how you look at it.  In a sense it is a victory because very few expected DPP to have  complete 3 wins in these elections.  On the other hand, the situation is also extremely favorable to DPP plus the wins could be attributed to traditional KMT supporters (those that voted for Ma) did not vote.  It shows that even now  some of those KMT supporters realize Ma (and even KMT itself) is a total BS and is no longer willing to vote for his party.  However, that did not translate to support for DPP.  So in that sense, perhaps it is not a “victory” for DPP.  One thing for sure though, it’s a strong indication and confirmation that support for Ma and his government is crumbling away fast.

What DPP needs to focus on now is perhaps the following:

  1. Try to persuade others: By this I do not mean moving DPP’s position more toward ‘middle.’  By this I mean good communication…to tell other clearly what DPP is doing, and to listen to people, to do point 2 and 3.
  2. Formulating good, competitive and possible strategy/vision/plans for Taiwan
  3. Formulating strategy and policy that can avoid the pitfall of ex-President Chen.
  4.  And of course, the more immediate issues of winning the next few elections…

Google VS. Chinese Government – Clashing Titans, or Playing Chickens?

The other interesting news just happen a few days ago.  Google is having a ‘face off’ with China now.  Whether it’s just playing chicken or an all out war, I don’t really care.  What is really interesting is to finally see a big corporation with balls (LP in Taiwanese).  For example, Activision Blizzard also faced harassment from Chinese government in 2009 and before as well, but it took a soft approach by down playing.  By contrast, Google certainly kicks Chinese government right in the nuts.  It does not matter if Google already wants to exit Chinese market and just use this as a good PR, or it is really pissed…it’s a breath of fresh air.


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