Taipei City Requires Better Marketing

I just remember a few things from the past few weeks.

I was there watching the new year fireworks of Taipei City, and this year’s firework, to be honest, is really bad.  This is my honest opinion.  I am not trying to bash KMT or pissed off Taipei citizens etc.  I am sure a lot of people in Taipei city realize that  a lot of things should be better.

The worst is the “Taiwan Up” slogan.  That is one of the worst slogan I have ever seen.  During the 90s, Japanese video games often have this problems when they translate Japanese to English for the North American market.  Now people just look at those and laugh, some even make special video to joke about it.  However, during that time, I can just imagine how embarrassing it is to the game companies, and how it could ruin their reputation.  And the short slogan required is nothing compared to the longer  story and conversations in games.  How they could mess this up is beyond me.  KMT often says they have better people with “international” view.  BS.  If they can mess up the fire works slogan in the biggest city in Taiwan…how international could they be?  I think those KMT are more Chinational, not more international.

Of course, if the video game itself is very good, stupid mistakes is not going to hurt that much.  The thing is, the firework itself is not that good neither.  It stalled for 30 or some seconds twice.  It makes the firework feel disconnected….just really bad.  Firework, I think, should be bang, bang, bang…but this time, it stops, twice, and for too long.  They explained that they did it on purpose because they want to wait for smoke to clear…but I think that is not really good reasons.  I feel that they should just do it continuously.  Stopping it in the middle is worse than being blocked a little by some smoke.  Plus…I don’t know, I just don’t see much smoke at all.  Another thing is the firework really seems to lack any variety in sequencing etc…Of course, this is more subjective observation, but I am sure a lot of people find that it seems the they just shoot out the firework without any neat sequencing effect.  Especially comparing to the fireworks in some other parts in Taiwan, the Taipei City firework really seem a bit underwhelming…

Well, hope next year they can improve it, but I really doubt it.  KMT is just too arrogant to realize how to improve.  The problem is not how much money you spend etc.  Creativity is important, and the devil is in the detail, but KMT’s Taipei City government will never realize it.


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