What Can Taiwan Learn from The Google Incident

The recent Google incident are still on going.  However, already, Taiwan can learn a few valuable lesson from it.

Cyber warfare: The act of cyber warfare is now real and is already ongoing, although its effectiveness is still questionable.  From the incident, we learn that China has engaged in cyber war for at least the past several years, and its target is not just Google.  Although nothing is disclosed, we can suspected that other major internet service providers are targets as well.  If the US companies have been constantly hacked for the past several years, there is no telling how many companies in Taiwan have been hacked.  Perhaps they did not even know they have been hacked.  I am wondering if the major Taiwanese corporations’ valuable data and information systems have been infiltrated already.

The Implication of Economic Integration: all this sh*t started when Google decided to enter the Chinese market.  Of course Taiwan has also already in the Chinese market, but could further integration, especially the banking and financial sector,  really benefit Taiwan.  Looking at the mistake made by Google,…one really has to wonder if this ECFA thing is even worth discussing, and what would be the price of ECFA.  Furthermore, Google, with its own monopolistic search engine market position, also has a powerful US government to back its exit decision up (or renegotiate if Google choose to soften its stance).  However, can Taiwanese corporations choose to exit China when it wants to?

This is really an interesting development indeed…


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