Interestingly, just when I wrote about the election structure problem in Taiwan, politicians, including ex-President Chen, are onto the same topic.  I guess it must be because DPP has shown sign and possibility of winning in these recent election, people start to think about it.

My view is that KMT tried to take as much advantage in it as possible, but in fact, they are paying the price now for making unfair rule.  But maybe I did not, and perhaps a lot of people, do not understand these election issue fully.  Because back then, most people think this is unfair, but now, it seems DPP can win in this type of election setup.  In fact, the more optimistic people (such as ex-President Chen) will think that it’s possible for DPP to exceed half seats in Legislature (if I remember correctly, that would be unprecedented.  Although for a time DPP is the biggest party in Legislature, pan Blue parties combined still far exceed DPP and pan green number).  However, although it’s natural to feel more optimistic now, it is perhaps still too early to see what will happen next IMO.


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