China’s Over Reaction and Pro-China Media’s No Reaction

Obama admin, after a few centuries, finally decide one something that should not surprise anyone: selling Black Hawks, PAC-3, and anti-mine ships.  Really, the list is so uncontroversial, they could have sold those to North Korea and no one would complained.  But wow, they have to sell these to TAIWAN.  Wow, wait a minute, all of a sudden it’s a big news, because look out, China the Drama Queen is ANGRY again.

OK, maybe I am being over sarcastic, because Taiwan does need those items (Black Hawks to replace the aging UH-1 transport fleets.  Mine sweepers to increase anti-blockade capability because China does own large amount and large variety of sea mines, some are quite advance.  PAC-3 is debatable as many still question its effectiveness and cost, but maybe it’s better than nothing).  But truely, the international relationship nowadays looks like a fucking joke.  What are these officials learn from nowadays?  Soup Opera? or babies beating the crap out of each other for a stuffed toy?  The US did not even sell Taiwan the controversial items such as F-16 C/D and submarines, WTF is China crying about?  Wow, Taiwan is going to invade China with its 60 new Black Hawks.  Its new mine sweepers is going to destroy the Chinese fleets with lightning bolts.  Its new PAC-3 is going to bomb the shit out of China.  Rediculous.  None of item sold are even close to a threat to China.  So why is China crying?

I suspect China is just using this as an excuse to get Chinese people angry and unite behind the Communists party.  After Google kicks the CCP in the balls, CCP does need to find some diversion and fabricating or re-emphasizing the outside enemies.

Interestingly, in Taiwan, those pro-China media seems rather quite.  During DPP admin, those pro-China media keeps black smearing whatever the US sold to Taiwan.  They call those weapons “waste iron.”  But now, all of a sudden, no one says shit.  Why don’t they complain about the mine sweepers?  They did complain about the P-3C Orion anti-sub aircraft.  Why don’t they complain about the PAC-3?  They kept complaining about it before.  The point is very simple, their brains grow on their asses.  On the positive side, that’s good.  Because at least now they can actually make some needed arm purchases.

( The order also include other items such as Harpoon anti-ship missiles.  But once again, those are items Taiwan already have and are considered regular stock pile and upgrades.  It should not be a big deal. )

UPDATE: It’s actually a good thing that China over reacted, because it’s actually a good advertisement of Taiwan’s sovereignty, as Liberty Times rightfully pointed outJust look at this photo.


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