The “Why” of ECFA

This is a well written blog by ghost_twtw, explaining why some corporations desperately ask for ECFA: because they sucks (no innovation and improvement). lol.  Of course, it’s not as simple as I said, but at the same time the reasoning is quite obvious and the blog’s argument is very strong I think.  Worth a read.

Update: It is indeed interesting.  Although I don’t know the detail, now that I thought about it, it seems that those corporations that desperately ask for ECFA are usually the weakest and the most screw up in Taiwan.  (Car manufacturing is a prime example)  Even if ECFA will benefit them, which I highly doubt it will (just look at how many companies got screwed by Ma even though Ma signed all these treaties with China, Ex. Tourists deal.  I suspect the next that could get screwed is the banking sectors), my preference is still just to let them rot.  It’s not like they are actually contributing to Taiwan’s economic advancement, actually quite a lot of them receive government subsidies one way or the other. 

Taiwan had nurture those corporation for quite a long time now.  If they cannot stand on their own feet, let them fall, and the resources they used can be divert to others who is more capable.  There is no need to sign ECFA just for their sake.


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