Humm…Could Someone Remind Them…?

This report seems kind of fishy.  Basically the navy fleet detect unknown object near the 左營 naval base during an excercise.  The commander said they had similar experience before as well.  They know for sure those are not whale.  But because when they approach, the object does not intend to submerge deeper and escape, they don’t think they are Chinese submarines neither.  Now the second statement just sound so stupid.  I am not an expert, but I think it’s just common sense.  Just because the object stay the course does not mean it’s not submarines.  It could be the submarine did not detect the ship approaching…who knows, some of the Chinese subs are really old and god knows if their sonars are actually working properly.  Or, they know the ship is coming, but by staying the course, they make you think they are not submarines.  We are talking about military operation, where deception is common activities…so how can a task force commander simply discard the possibility that those are submarines.

Beside, if they are not whale, and they are not submarines, then WTF are they?  UFO? Sea Monsters?  You got to be joking.  Someone needs to tell them that they are making some assumptions that simply do not make any sense.  Try get some better sonar, or find way to detect it more accurately and just see what exactly this thing is.  Speculating based on some preconceived assumption just look stupid, and it could also endanger Taiwan’s navy bases.

UPDATE: Ha, I knew they would sound like idiots.  Now people are making fun of them.


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