KMT at it Again

KMT just never gets tired of it.  They love Chinese history so much, to the point that they have to force every students to study more Chinese history, whether people are interested or not. 

To this day, many Taiwanese are still extremely fuzzy about their own history.  Taiwan is not big, and its recorded history is approximately 400 years, so there is no reason that Taiwanese should be so ignorant of their own history.  The only reason is the long time bias of KMT to filled the majority of geography and history material with China. 

If it’s up to me, I will seperate the history into 2 parts, Taiwan history and world history, with 1:1 ratio.  Chinese history will be included within the world history.  World history will be seperated by regions, Asia, Europe, America etc, but with a common and comparable timelines.  People who are more interested in particular history of a country (China, Japan, Korea, UK, US etc) can take up electives for them.

It’s time to give the students a broader perspective of the world as well as a deeper understanding of their own land!


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  1. A-gu on

    Amazing Dixteel! I just noticed this news myself, thanksf or catching it.

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