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ROFL, Orz, This is Getting Rediculous

Could this be the funniest news in 100 years?

建國一百 becomes 精彩一百!  This is too funny.  The phrase 精彩一百 doesn’t even make any sense! 

I actually don’t feel offended though.  If Ma does not recognize ROC’s founding, that is not my business, because what I care about is Taiwan being an independent nation.  In another word, ROC can disappear, but Taiwan has to keep existing.  Actually, it might be better if ROC disappear from Taiwan.  

Of course, in Ma and CCP’s mind, the disappearance of ROC naturally means the annexation of Taiwan, in their own twisted logic.  However, DPP should not try to defend ROC though.  Instead, it should advocate that ROC is destroyed and pronounced dead by Ma, and Taiwan has to move beyond ROC and form its own nation now. 

Either way, who can say Ma is not THE DESTROYER of ROC.  He is now casually hammering in the last few nails.  Taiwanese need to recognize this and know the implications.  We don’t need to care about ROC, but Ma is indeed intending to surrend Taiwan to the PRC, even though it’s not his to surrender.  That is where the problems and dangers lie. 


Ma is In A Hurry

Mr. Keating has a good observation on Ma’s seemingly desperation to sign ECFA.  It is indeed strange and even worrisome why someone would be so eager, so single-minded in signing something that could impact millions of lives.  A logical, cool and calm mind could slow down a bit and hear what others have to say because there are strong oppositions and doubt.  But no…Ma forged ahead.  Although he also give out some promises, those are mostly empty shells.  Furthermore, he also promised 633, among other ridiculous promises before…so the problem is one cannot really trust him much on anything. 

At least those extreme pro-China character such as 曹興誠 are honest.  They all want ECFA, but some are willing to say “yea, that’s right, I want eventual annexation.”  While others like Ma denies, but do it so recklessly.  As Mr. Keating pointed out, where are those advertising money from.  Also, one wonders where are the pressures from?  Business communities?  or China?  

Ma Government Trying to Dumb Down ECFA Issue

This is a well written attack article.  I like it.

It also shows that Ma and those around him are trying to dumb down the issue.  Other examples:

  1. Ma likes to use NAFTA between Canada, the US and Mexico as an example.  However, this is an extremely dumb comparison.  First of all, the US for example does not claim that Mexico and Canada are part of the US.  Secondly Canada has a lot of resources while Mexico has large population and land.  Their economic structures are totally different from Taiwan.  Thirdly, Canada and Mexico’s economy does not turn out that well neither.   Fundamentally the situation in North America and cross strait is totally different, this comparison is really out of place.
  2. Ma government claim that they will setup funds to help the labour…But obviously workers do not want to get monthly $1000 like a bunch of beggars.  They want to work, and they want to be productive.  Ma government had not specify how they are going to help.   In fact, the labour issue in Taiwan is already quite severe.  Unemployment rate is higher than South Korea and Japan, and wages are falling.  How about coming up with some policies that can actually help out the situation instead of pushing for ECFA, which would only intensify the problems in this aspect.
  3. Basically just playing dumb on China’s intention.  Why did China sign CEPA with Hong Kong?  Why does it want to sign ECFA with Taiwan?  Don’t tell me it’s because economics.

DPP really needs to attack strongly on Ma on this issues.  It would also be nice if DPP can come up with some alternative policies, such as policies that can help labour forces, policies that can help in forming de facto FTA with the US, Japan, ASEAN and even South Korea and India.  I don’t have a silver bullet on this, but I am sure DPP and other think tank in Taiwan can come up with something that is much better than ECFA.  Thirdly, DPP needs to pay close attention to the effect of MOU signed between KMT and the CPP, as that could have significant impact in Taiwan’s financial sectors in the future.  If China wants to mess Taiwan up, that is an area where they might try to exploit.

The Contrast Between Google and 曹興誠

Everyone knew by now that google is exiting Chinese market.  Some argue that it’s purely economic decision because Google does not have major share in China.  However, I find this arguement to be false because Google does not have major share in Taiwan and is losing share in Korea neither, even though it’s a big name in both places, but we did not hear anything about Google exiting Taiwan or South Korea now, do we?  (Now I wonder what the hell happens to Google in Taiwan because how the heck did Yahoo! climbed back up so fast…but that’s another topic.)

I think it’s more likely that the Google founders have big influence on this decision to exit China, based on various report.  The decision is indeed not pure business decision, but a decision based on other criteria.  Although I would say Google’s decision to enter Chinese market is quite foolish then.  Because if you know that you cannot follow the Chinese policy, why entered in the first place?  Did Google think it can change China or maybe some divine intervention China is going to change its policy?  Ha, …as I said before, these people don’t understand China one bit.  Google and Olympic, they are all the same stupid joke.  Google, however, is able to redirect itself, so that is something different and gutsy, unlike the other big corperation such as Yahoo!, Microsoft and the US government etc.

And comparing all these with 曹興誠, the founder of  UMC,….that is a huge contrast.  This guy, 曹興誠, probably cannot wait to kneel behind Hu Jintao and kiss his ass eagerly and passionately.

無殼蝸牛…Now I Haven’t Heard that Name in Ages

I remember only vaguely about 無殼蝸牛 on TV news when I was a kid.  Amazingly, they appear once again after…20 years?!?  Back then, there was an actual real estate bubble.  I wonder what will happen this time.

Quite interestingly though I remember back during the 2008 election, wasn’t higher real estate prices  part of Ma’s and Hu’s election policy?  Well, they got that done well enough…maybe too well.  I wonder now though who is actually jacking up the prices, or is it just natural result of government policies.

I also remember Hsieh had some policy specifically targeted at housing for young people, including young couples.  All these low birth rate, high rent and cannot find apartment etc could all be one of the same issue.  I have to say Hsieh really has some foresight.  Or maybe he just sees the obviuos, while others people’s eyes are covered by golden shits from China.

Interesting Survey

Michael Turton posted an interesting survey from Japan the other day.  (Liberty Times also had the same report, but couldn’t find it now).  The result of survey from the report summarized as follow:

which country Taiwan should be closer to?

  • China – 33%
  • Japan – 31%
  • USA – 16%

Have feelings of attachment to Japan?

  • Agree or Strongly Agree – 62%

Other than Taiwan, which is your favorite country?

  • China – 5%
  • Japan – 52%
  • USA – 8%

This survey is quite interesting in many ways.  I always thought Taiwan and Japan has some interesting relationship.  A lot of hard and soft infrastructure of Taiwan are from Japan, as mentioned by Mr. Turton.  Even the newer ones such as HSR and Taipei 101 has major Japanese components.  There are also a lot of subtle cultural connections and influences.   It’s interesting that many people in Taiwan look to Japan for positive inspirations in school system, TV shows, movies and culture etc.  However, this does not mean Japanese culture and Taiwanese culture are all the same or similar.  In fact, there are many differences between Japanese and Taiwanese culture.  The important thing though is that Taiwanese have favorable view of Japan, and the survey shows it clearly.

However, there is something that really puzzles me, and that is on the question of which country should Taiwan be closer to.  Between Japan and China, it’s half and half.  However, this contradicts question on favorite country in a way.  This means that a lot of Taiwanese think Taiwan should be closer to China even though it’s the least favored country.  The reasons behind it could be interesting.  I for one cannot figure out their logics behind it.  Could it be pure economic reasons? or because they think Taiwan is already close to Japan and the US?  or what?  I do not know.

Another interesting thing is how low most Taiwanese view the USA.  This is very interesting.  A lot of countries in the world have anti-American populations.  In Taiwan though, there are much less.  However, it appears Taiwanese view toward the US is not favorable.  Recently the US image around the world hit rock bottom, that is for sure.  However, in a lot of ways, the percentage should be a lot higher.  The US government provided military support for Taiwan in a sense.  The US companies often form partnership with Taiwanese companies.  So on the surface there is not a lot of  reasons for it to be low.

However, if we think about it…there are many reasons.  For one, even though the US aids Taiwan in terms of military, the support is half-ass at best.  The US constantly deem necessary weapons as “offensive”, and refuse to sell to Taiwan.  Even the defensive one, the US government constantly yield to Chinese pressure and delay or refuse the sells.  While the US constrain Taiwan in various manners, it allows China free reign on its purchases from Russia.  This is indeed an unfair treatment to Taiwanese.  On the international front, the US does not fair well neither.  It constantly stands on Chinese side in pressuring Taiwan on various issues.  Furthermore, it offers virtually no help on Taiwan difficult situation in joining international organizations.  Of course, a lot of other countries, including Japan, also don’t help, but the US is the one that stands out because it’s the current super power that “advocates democracy.”  A lot of these are result of current US policies, but my point is simply that the result of this policies do not put them in favorable light in Taiwanese eyes.  Taiwanese view alone is not that important to the US probably, but it is interesting nevertheless.

The Lesson of Hong Kong: “我讓利,你讓權”

I have to link this just because of the title of the article “我讓利,你讓權” (My translation: I give you money, you give me power).  The title is very well named in my opinion, because it break and reveal Chinese usual scheme so well.  Based on the past experience of Hong Kong, the so-called 讓利 is but a way of thugs luring kids with candies and later sell kids for profit… 

Written by DPP ex-health minister, now a DPP legislator, Mr. 涂醒哲…I have to say it is well written, with numbers to back up some of the statement.

Ironic? Funny? Dangerous? Or Just Plain Stupid?

This is an interesting article.  Not that it has anything new, but it sums up the current situation very well.

Combining those news with this one:, and you realize how F**K up Ma and those around him are.

What will happen next is anyone’s guess…I guess.

Taichung’s Future?

Taichung has a future?  I haven’t heard people talking about it for a while.  But here is Taichung City Mayoral candicate 林佳龍 of DPP talking about it.  I posted this video because very few people talk about Taichung’s election.  DPP should pay some attention to Taichung as well because KMT’s Hu IMO is only good at PR but not much else.  It might not be completely hopeless.

The 撲殺 Message Incident

Interesting detail on the recent internet incident in Taiwan.  I think several interesting things are very important:

  • Promoting violent behaviour or solution on the internet is wrong, and should be discouraged.
  • However, this incident does show that there are strong anxiety, frustration, anger…negative emotions regarding ECFA among some people.  I think there are many realizing their future are really in jeopardy.  However, it is difficult to tell just how many are worried.
  • One interesting thing is indeed…this guy’s background does not sound like a traditional pan green supporters.  My feeling on him is mixed.  If it is indeed the case that the guy was pan-blue turning pan-green or neutral turning pan-green, then it’s good that he sees through Ma’s deceptive nature.  However, he should express his opinion in rational way instead of emotional and careless threatening statement.
  • Pan-blue media never changes.  Once again the seize the opportunity to promote their own agenda with spicy and emotional statements.

Update: Another incident that once again shows the anxiety amoung young to middle age group of people It also seems the pan blue are becoming a bit paranoid lol.