DPP Won By-Election

Many reports are in on the DPP 3/4 victory in the by-election. (link 1, link 2).

I think 蕭美琴 has performed very well, although she lost (but only by 6000 votes).  However, given her great performance when she was just there for a few months, there is a possibility of great things coming from her later.  DPP needs to gain support in the east coast, an area that has long been much ignored by the government.

Hsinchu county and Taoyuan county also surprised me somewhat.  To tell the truth, I wasn’t that optimistic about this by-election.  I thought maybe DPP would only won 2, and am surprised that DPP can gain some foot hold in the two counties that are traditionally more pro-blue.  Perhaps the previous definition of North pro-blue and South pro-green no longer exist.  And maybe things are really turning in DPP’s favor now. 

In the macro point of view, KMT’s loss can be contribute to their wrong national policy and their weak performance.  That is why, % wise DPP is gaining signficantly in all 4 counties.  However, DPP cannot relax yet because I think tough battles are still ahead.  For one, despite KMT’s poor performance, they still won Hualien.  Secondly, the two victories in the north are also due partially to KMT’s mishandling. (The main problem is still on Ma administration, but if the KMT actually handles those 2 counties properly, they might have won them despite increase % vote for DPP.)

Therefore, to achieve the goal of taking back the presidency and over half seats in legislature in 2012, DPP still has a difficult road ahead.  So far though they seem to be on the right track.


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