Recent resignation events in Ma administration make me wonder if they are just a diversion from ECFA.

Yes, both health care and death penalty are big issue.  In fact, they are universal and controversial issue everywhere.  We can discuss those problems any time.  But why NOW!!!

Certainly, health care issue have been there for quite some time.  This type of public health care always run into sustainability issue in every country.  Everyone praise the health care in Canada for example.  But some Canadian can tell you some serious issue with the health care in Canada.  In Taiwan, the issue could be worse because Taiwan is a low tax country, unlike Canada.  While many people, including me, like low tax, it also makes health care a huge burden on the government.  However, the cause of the current problem is not that there is not enough money.  If they get the money back from Taipei City then they have more than enough money without raising the tax on people.  Taipei City should really chill out a bit on their spending spree and give some money back to the health care, seriously.

Death penalty is an issue everywhere.  In my opinion, there is no right and wrong answer to it.  Personally I don’t have a damn clue.  I can argue this issue back and forth in my head all day, even after I read more about it on both side.  It is an issue where Law experts can argue for decades in Taiwan.  But why bring it up now and create a drama out of it? 

I suspect Ma is just using these two issues as diversion from the most serious issue Taiwan is facing: ECFA.

UPDATE: lol.  I check some forum in Taiwan and looks like I am not the only one feeling that all these divert the attention from ECFA and other serious issues.

UPDATE 2: For anyone doubting if Taipei City has enough money to pay, check this out.


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