Taiwan Should Learn Something From Google VS China Drama

Well, although still not 100% certain, but it looks like Google’s exit from China is inavoidable.  This is actually a good thing for Google in my opinion.  At least for me personally their brand equity just went up 200% at least.  I really feel like buying their stock lol, if I have money.  Right now Google’s only problem seems to be how to exit properly as many of its employees in China are Chinese…

At least comparing to Yahoo! and Microsoft, Google seems to have more balls…well, that is expected because it dominate the global search engine market, except in China, which gives them enough balls to confront China.  However, here is the question for Taiwan: could Taiwan’s corporations have enough balls to exit Chinese market when things gone bad?  Obviously not.  They do not dominate the global market like Google.  Therefore, once they enter into China like Google, it would be difficult for them to exit.  Same with Taiwan as a whole, can Taiwan exit China once it enters?  Probably not.

One cause of Google’s exit is Chinese officials’ hard line on enforcing the “Law” or more appropriately named, censorships.  Now imagine, one day China pass a Law and it wants all Taiwanese companies or Taiwan to follow.  Since Taiwan cannot just exit like Google…what will happen?  And don’t tell me this won’t happen.  Just look at China’s rediculous anti-seccession Law, and tell me they cannot enforce this law or make up similar shit to screw with Taiwanese companies.

So the problem with ECFA and indeed the problem with the whole economic tie wit h China is not just about profit and economic benefits.  We have to think further ahead.  After ECFA is signed, what will happen in 10 to 15 years if China decide to do such and such!  That is the really problem, the RISK, not the benefits.  I am sure Google’s CEO had a wet dream about Chinese market and the profit Google can gain from when they decided to enter, but look at what happens now.  And to a company, this exit represent a waste because it means the expense and operations in China for the past few years are all gone.  Google can afford to make this mistake, cut the loss and move on, but can Taiwan?


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