The 撲殺 Message Incident

Interesting detail on the recent internet incident in Taiwan.  I think several interesting things are very important:

  • Promoting violent behaviour or solution on the internet is wrong, and should be discouraged.
  • However, this incident does show that there are strong anxiety, frustration, anger…negative emotions regarding ECFA among some people.  I think there are many realizing their future are really in jeopardy.  However, it is difficult to tell just how many are worried.
  • One interesting thing is indeed…this guy’s background does not sound like a traditional pan green supporters.  My feeling on him is mixed.  If it is indeed the case that the guy was pan-blue turning pan-green or neutral turning pan-green, then it’s good that he sees through Ma’s deceptive nature.  However, he should express his opinion in rational way instead of emotional and careless threatening statement.
  • Pan-blue media never changes.  Once again the seize the opportunity to promote their own agenda with spicy and emotional statements.

Update: Another incident that once again shows the anxiety amoung young to middle age group of people It also seems the pan blue are becoming a bit paranoid lol.


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