Ma Government Trying to Dumb Down ECFA Issue

This is a well written attack article.  I like it.

It also shows that Ma and those around him are trying to dumb down the issue.  Other examples:

  1. Ma likes to use NAFTA between Canada, the US and Mexico as an example.  However, this is an extremely dumb comparison.  First of all, the US for example does not claim that Mexico and Canada are part of the US.  Secondly Canada has a lot of resources while Mexico has large population and land.  Their economic structures are totally different from Taiwan.  Thirdly, Canada and Mexico’s economy does not turn out that well neither.   Fundamentally the situation in North America and cross strait is totally different, this comparison is really out of place.
  2. Ma government claim that they will setup funds to help the labour…But obviously workers do not want to get monthly $1000 like a bunch of beggars.  They want to work, and they want to be productive.  Ma government had not specify how they are going to help.   In fact, the labour issue in Taiwan is already quite severe.  Unemployment rate is higher than South Korea and Japan, and wages are falling.  How about coming up with some policies that can actually help out the situation instead of pushing for ECFA, which would only intensify the problems in this aspect.
  3. Basically just playing dumb on China’s intention.  Why did China sign CEPA with Hong Kong?  Why does it want to sign ECFA with Taiwan?  Don’t tell me it’s because economics.

DPP really needs to attack strongly on Ma on this issues.  It would also be nice if DPP can come up with some alternative policies, such as policies that can help labour forces, policies that can help in forming de facto FTA with the US, Japan, ASEAN and even South Korea and India.  I don’t have a silver bullet on this, but I am sure DPP and other think tank in Taiwan can come up with something that is much better than ECFA.  Thirdly, DPP needs to pay close attention to the effect of MOU signed between KMT and the CPP, as that could have significant impact in Taiwan’s financial sectors in the future.  If China wants to mess Taiwan up, that is an area where they might try to exploit.


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