The Contrast Between Google and 曹興誠

Everyone knew by now that google is exiting Chinese market.  Some argue that it’s purely economic decision because Google does not have major share in China.  However, I find this arguement to be false because Google does not have major share in Taiwan and is losing share in Korea neither, even though it’s a big name in both places, but we did not hear anything about Google exiting Taiwan or South Korea now, do we?  (Now I wonder what the hell happens to Google in Taiwan because how the heck did Yahoo! climbed back up so fast…but that’s another topic.)

I think it’s more likely that the Google founders have big influence on this decision to exit China, based on various report.  The decision is indeed not pure business decision, but a decision based on other criteria.  Although I would say Google’s decision to enter Chinese market is quite foolish then.  Because if you know that you cannot follow the Chinese policy, why entered in the first place?  Did Google think it can change China or maybe some divine intervention China is going to change its policy?  Ha, …as I said before, these people don’t understand China one bit.  Google and Olympic, they are all the same stupid joke.  Google, however, is able to redirect itself, so that is something different and gutsy, unlike the other big corperation such as Yahoo!, Microsoft and the US government etc.

And comparing all these with 曹興誠, the founder of  UMC,….that is a huge contrast.  This guy, 曹興誠, probably cannot wait to kneel behind Hu Jintao and kiss his ass eagerly and passionately.


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